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Be very careful opening attachments from your e-mail. Even if it’s from someone you know or trust. Always make sure it’s a safe file and not questionable. The “crypto-locker” virus is very active still and even more infectious. It tends to infect a machine after opening an attachment in a fraudulent e-mail. Once infected, it will encrypt your files on your machine and spread across any other machines on the network and encrypt their files as well. These files often cannot be retrieved, and are permanently lost. Unfortunately, there are many other viruses that act similar and are just as infectious. Keeping a close eye on e-mail is paramount in keeping your machine safe from threats.


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Randy V.

I am a common small business person. Like everyone I have multiple computers and lap tops that interface with a number of email accounts and printers. I compare pricing points with the big box outlets when upgrading then I wind up going over to Facet because their price is the same or even better. I must have computer back up assistance equal to the big business in the area. It is not common to have the quality, timeliness, sales, and ability to rapidly trouble shoot and FIX any problem that I toss at those folks. 

Being a customer of Facet is like having a highly skilled, highly talented computer programming professional on my own staff! No benefit is equal to the satisfaction of having a Facet Technician solve a computer problem that is taking all production down. I know there are other computer services in the area, but I seriously doubt other services have the skill and competence and the availability to serve common small and larger business.

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