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Nerds On Call: Providing Quality Computer Service in Peoria for Over 20 Years

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When you need a computer repair expert, call the Nerds. We have been repairing, upgrading, and diagnosing computers in Peoria for over 20 years. Our technicians and staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Our experience and great customer service can’t be beat!

Laptop, PC, and Mac Repair

We provide a wide variety of repair services. If you need a problem diagnosed, bring your computer to us, and our experienced tech will diagnose the issue and provide you a solution to fix it.

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We Don’t Take Shortcuts

We take pride in the work we do. With a team of qualified, hands-on technicians to diagnose and repair computer issues, our customers know they can trust our work. Our team is on-site here in Peoria providing the best computer repair services for laptops, desktops, PCs and Macs.


Our team has experience repairing a variety of issues. Broken screens, slow computers, malware and virus infections, data recovery and more are all issues that we can address in-house.

Local Repair

Our technicians are highly skilled and work from our headquarters here in Peoria. We don’t send your computer off to another location for simple repairs, which helps reduce wait time.


We pride ourselves on a process that sets us apart. When you check your computer in, we always perform a full diagnosis to ensure there aren’t any “below the surface” issues present and determine the cause of your computer troubles.

Honest Advice

We value honesty in our work and recommendations. When we diagnose a laptop or desktop PC, we check for factors such as age, storage and memory capacity, as well as other considerations before giving you a recommendation on repairing, upgrading, or replacing your computer.

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