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Choose Nerds on Call When your Smartphone Stops Working

Smartphones are great – never have we had so much power working for us in such a small package. But, like all machines, they sometimes stop working. To many of us, that's a disaster because we have become dependent on our technology, we need it working and we need it working now!


Problem With Your Droid?

Or your iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola or other smartphones? Not to worry, we are Nerds on Call, we offer a complete range of repairs for all cell phone brands and operating systems.

The most common fix seems to be a broken screen. If you've dropped your phone, drop in on our Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, locations and our techno-wizards will put right, as if by magic. Most phone repairs can be completed within 24 hours of drop-off. Of course, it won't just be new glass. When we fix your screen, it'll be a complete screen and digitizer replacement, ensuring a lasting fix.

If you have questions, call for pricing and availability of a replacement screen – or any other components you might need or want. If your first question is, "Can I fix my phone myself?" The answer is "Yes, but don't!" DIY advice is all over the Internet, and they are always careful to mention that owner repairs void the warranty.


Why Choose Nerds on Call?

We are local – unlike your average big-box store – we repair onsite, not in some remote repair center. If the problem is serious, but not obvious, we offer a low-cost diagnosis to determine your phone's issues. Once we know what's going on, you get an upfront repair and parts cost. By the way, those will be high-quality parts that meet or exceed factory specifications, never used or refurbished parts, and Nerds on Call has a full 30-day part and labor warranty on every repair.

We know your smartphone holds more than just numbers, videos, and photos. With so many people abandoning landlines, it is your primary connection to family, friends, customers, employees, and others. It may also be your store's mobile cash register and your primary news outlet.

We're a small, locally-owned business, our employees are your neighbors. When you need to be mobile again fast, shoot Nerds on Call an email. We pride ourselves on friendly customer service. We understand how important your smartphone is because it's just as important to each of us. How would we want our smartphone repair handled? That's how we'll handle yours.

Featured Review

Great experience!! Very friendly people!! My laptop hard drive was replaced, OS software was installed, antivirus and PC cleaning software was installed, and all of my data was recovered and put on to my new hard drive. These people totally saved my laptop and saved me a few coins since Geek Squad was going to charge me $450, but Nerds On Call charged half that and fixed it in half the time. Although I no longer live in Peoria, I will definitely be shipping my laptop to them in the future should any problems come up, which I hope not fingers crossed knock on wood.

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Peoria Location
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm 

Normal Location
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm 

Pekin Location
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm