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Data Breaches — The Cybersecurity Issue of 2019

Human error, low-grade security, and increasing criminal sophistication make exposed data ever more likely. They have many goals, among them:

Phishing — requesting private data through means that look legitimate, such as fraudulent email requests from your doctor or favorite retail store.

Ransomware — holding your data and website (or, perhaps, your cryptocurrency account) hostage.

ID theft — to sell to people who would destroy your financial health without ever losing a moment's sleep.

A new member of the list is IoT, short for the Internet of Things. The IoT is becoming universal, as we connect more home/office devices via the Internet or Wi-Fi. It's doubtful that anyone's going to care about reading your smart thermostat but bet heavily on hackers trying to steal private information via your laptops, phones & tablets, your medical devices, smart watches, even your own home security system.

Awareness is the core of your personal and business cybersecurity, and Nerd on Call's sister company, Facet Tech, should be your first call when you need a computer security consultant.


The Upside

Connectivity means more data for consumers and companies. You can see more deeply into vital aspects of your life, like medical care and exercise, and companies can streamline businesses processes to provide you better service.

More important, with each hardware advance, thousands of very smart people are constantly looking at what could go wrong and prevent it. Every breach teaches us our weaknesses and how to grow stronger.


Take Control of Your Cyberworld

"Eternal vigilance," the proverb says, "is the price of freedom." The same can be said of cybersecurity. Many employees connect to public Wi-Fi when traveling on business and family members do the same on vacations and, sometimes, at home. Virtual Private Networks (VPIs) are one defense against data breaches, which are far easier in a shared Web connection like Wi-Fi. Likewise, at home or the workspace, keep your security software up to date and heed their warning about suspicious websites.

Speaking of suspicious websites, you've noticed that browsers and search engines record sites you visit and your searches and tailor ads to whatever their algorithms think you want to see. Ever suspect that some of the sites buying ads might be fraudulent? It's a growing trend; post a fake ad and see who clicks through; then grab their data.


It can Happen to You

If it does, Nerds on Call provides top-of-the-line virus removal services at our Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, locations. Bring in your device and we'll clear the infection. If that's not possible, in-home repair services are. That's right, Dr. Nerd makes house calls.

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