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In-home Computer Repairs – Get Help at your Convenience

It's not like a computer meltdown is ever going to happen conveniently, but some days are so-much-less convenient than others. Fortunately, when the Nerds on Call say, "We have your back!", we mean we do tech support wherever you need it done! Of course, it's always best to bring your hardware to our Bloomington, Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, locations, where we have all the tools at hand but, when that doesn't work, we bring the shop to you.


The Software Answer

If you have a software problem, we might be able to do tech support via remote. Be assured, we'll never call and ask you for access to your computers, so don't give unsolicited callers any information. Nerds on Call only responds when you call us. If your problem is software, such as a virus cleanup or firewall install, we may be able to diagnose your problem and make the necessary fixes remotely.


The Hardware Answer

When the machine itself is broken, we need to get into the machine to fix it. If bringing your Mac or PC into the shop is a problem, we do house calls like an old-fashioned country doctor, to your home or your office. Our onsite computer repair teams is not your average nerds, our techs are highly-trained — and receive ongoing training to keep their skills scalpel-sharp! They're able to troubleshoot most issues in your home or office and get your machines back in working order fast.

Often, computer troubles combine hardware and software issues. Your computer is filled with important (and, sometimes, very private) documents, emails, photos and more — what happens if those files disappear? Better you shouldn't find out, so we'll help you recover your lost files and we can set you up to prevent a repeat.

Whatever your issue: email configuration; mouse, keyboard, speaker or other hardware issues, printer issues; setting up new hardware or connected devices; wireless network or Internet issues or a complete a full smart-home tech setup through our sister company, Facet Tech, we will take care of you.


The Fun & Games Answer

Toys and games are getting more high-tech every year. Robots, drones, game consoles, and other playthings need love, too. Don't despair when the fun ends, it isn't over, just delayed slightly if you Call-R-Nerds. Fun is just as important as work, and we'll treat your toys as carefully as we treat your computer or security system.

For personal, scholastic or business computers, networks and other stuff, Central Illinois' answer is Nerds on Call, so call! Whenever you need us, wherever you need us, we are there.

Featured Review

Nathan Ness

Love the people that work here. Always very kind, got the problem fixed, and if you needed help they can generally point you in the right direction.

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Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
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Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm 

Pekin Location
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
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