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New In-home Automation - Master the Smart Home

In the early days of cell phones, the idea that your handheld would someday control your home's heat and air conditioning, security system and could even answer your door while you're two states away was the stuff of Star Trek. Today, we all wonder what new trick we'll be sticking up our sleeve this week.

The key to 2019 home automation is integration — from clocks through doorbells, kitchen appliances, lights, speakers, security cameras, water heaters to windows blinds and maybe more.

What components meet your specific needs? That's a personal question, so call your personal home automation experts, Nerds on Call.


Hub-ba, Hub-ba

Generally, you'll start with a home automation hub. Just like a computer server coordinates many workstations, hubs blend devices from different manufacturers, so they all play nice together. Hubs connect wirelessly to other devices (via the Internet or local Bluetooth) and can be controlled using a single smart phone or tablet app.


Smile, You're on Homeowner's Camera!

Home security is a vital part of many home automation systems. Cameras can be placed at doors and corners to record any activity around your property. Sensors can attach to the windows to detect intruders and, via Wi-Fi, to your hub to avoid all those ugly wires. Smart locks now let you monitor when each door is locked or open and, coupled with a camera, can allow you to interact with visitors even when you're not at home.


Be More Comfortable, Save More Money

The thermometer, for many in the Hoosier State, drops to the teens in winter and passes 80 in summer. Electronic thermostats have far more sophisticated temperature sensors than the old bi-metal strips, keeping temperature variations to a minimum — saving on heating and cooling bills. They can also be programmed to lower overall temperatures when no one's home and can start the warming or cooling cycle while you're driving, so you enter your home "just the way I like it".


Make Your Home a Smarter Home

Through our sister company, Facet Tech, you can upgrade your home with all the latest and greatest among the many home automation options. Facet has been in business since 1989. Beginning in the computer industry, the Facet/Nerds on Call family has grown to include thousands of satisfied customers by continuously expanding the technology available to you. Now, the company is proud to bring you some of the best technology in home automation and entertainment.

If you're in Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, Nerds on Call is always the first place you should think to go for your electronic tech needs.

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Rick Rohman

Wow, these guys are good. Excellent service and they know their stuff. I have used them three times and each time they more than met my expectations! I like that they usually tell me I have a nice computer but have also advised me when it might not make sense to spend money. Highly recommended.

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