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Tripp Lite Battery Backup

July Gadget of the Month  

Facet's Gadget of the Month for July, a Tripp Lite Battery Backup. During severe weather season it is a good idea to help protect your electronics from black outs and power surges. Tripp Lite Battery Backup prevents data loss and system downtime by providing battery supported AC output during black out conditions. Tripp Lite Battery Backup has 6 outlets. 3 outlets with full battery support and surge protections to help protect computers, monitors, and other important system components from power loss. 3 added outlets with surge suppression only, perfect for printers and other accessories that do not require battery support. Tripp Lite Battery Backup also features LED display lights to check the status information regarding line and battery power operation. Tripp Lite Battery Backup is available at all 5 of our locations (Pekin, Peoria, Farmington, Peru, and Normal) for $60.00.

Solid State Drive

Considering an upgrade for your notebook computer that you use daily? Consider a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD’s replace your current hard drive in the machine, and contain NO moving or mechanical parts to fail. SSD’s also greatly increase performance and dramatically decrease heat and power consumption of your notebook. Also, they are very durable and impact-resistant since they do not have the aforementioned mechanical parts. A Solid State Drive is made up of flash memory similar to a flash/thumb drive, however much faster in most cases, and built for daily usage. In recent months, SSDs have been hitting the market with much larger sizes, and much more reasonable pricing. In fact, if you’re a performance-minded individual and want the most out of any computer you own, definitely look into purchasing a Solid State Drive to replace your current hard drive that’s used for your OS installation (Windows, Mac OS X, etc). Your machine will appreciate staying much cooler in these hot summer months with solid state performance.

DISH Anywhere



Are you one of DISH Networks many subscribers? If so, this is an app for you. DISH Anywhere is available for your PC’s, tablets, and smart phones through iTunes and the Google Play Store for free. The only prerequisites needed are an online DISH account and a select DISH Network receiver model. If your model of receiver doesn't have this ability, there is an adapter you can buy for a small fee.

DISH Anywhere allows you to access all of your favorite shows and movies from your favorite networks such as Animal Planet, A&E, Comedy Central, and HGTV anywhere you are. DISH Anywhere offers live or recorded programs with a searchable program guide. Anything you can watch on your DVR at home, you can watch with Dish Anywhere. You can also manage your DVR library through the DISH Anywhere app. Set recording priorities, manage recording conflicts, delete already viewed shows, and modify your recording schedule. DISH Anywhere also offers access to DISH Anywhere Kids, where you or your family can watch your favorite shows and movies that are content appropriate for all viewers.

DISH Anywhere offers the mobility of your cable provider through your PC’s, tablets, and smart phones. If you are a DISH Network subscriber there is no reason to miss out on this app.

Web Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, etc. Once again, we are faced with so many options for our computers and mobile devices. Everyone has their preferred browsers, however all of them browse the internet. As you can imagine, Internet Explorer comes preloaded onto any Windows device or machine, Chrome on Google and Android devices, and Apple Safari on Mac machines or iOS devices. Firefox and Opera are available to download for most devices however not all. Within the browsers, they can be customized, even themed (some). However, some of the best features include added safeguards to security so we can keep our machines running more efficiently and virus/spyware free! Chrome and Firefox are great examples of browsers that allow additional features to be implemented to keep surfing as safe as possible. A couple of these additions are “Web of Trust” or “Ad-Block Plus”. Everyone has their likes and dislikes with each browser and how it performs the task they’d like to accomplish. So get out there and enjoy the internet from whichever browser you’d like, but be safe!



Game of Thrones, True Blood, and Vice; All of these shows have a few things in common. They are the most popular shows on HBO and they are all available on HBO GO. HBO GO is an app that allows you to stream your favorite HBO programs for free, with your HBO subscription, through your smart phones, tablets, and PC’s.

Today’s world stops for no one, which makes having certain aspects of life better when you have control over them. HBO GO gives you the power to watch all of your favorite HBO programs, movies, sports, comedy specials, and much more anytime you want. If you have a subscription to HBO, then you can access HBO GO for free. This app is compatible on Android, Apple, and Windows devices so you can take it with you anywhere. If you have all the prerequisites for this app, you are well on your way to utilizing the features it offers. HBO GO lets you create a customized “Watchlist”, to make accessing all your favorite programs that much easier. HBO GO offers every episode of every season so you won’t have to worry when you miss its original air time. HBO GO also lets you instantly watch original movies, documentaries, and behind the scenes extra with over 1,400 programs available instantly.

HBO GO has so many viewing options you are bound to find something that interests you. So, try out the app the puts you back in control and conveniences you.

*Note: In order to use this app you must have a subscription to HBO through your cable provider. If you do not have a subscription, you will not be able to view any of the programs this app offers.  



Certain Restrictions Do Apply

We all know that every day technology encompasses more and more of our lives and jobs. While technology is meant to make our living and working easier, certain limitations do still come into play. We are amazed at how much computers and apps can already do, however we get frustrated when certain things just don’t go our way or can’t be done. Unfortunately, the only remedy for this is time and patience. Time for the developers of software and hardware integrations to improve more and more features and release new revisions, and patience which we must exhibit as technology isn't perfect and never will be perfect. It’s an ever-evolving industry, and is led by the demand of people, and what we want next. So if you have a feature you’d like to see added or an app you’d like to see created, we have the power to influence those that create! We can write reviews and suggest our findings to the developers directly through most app stores or sites where apps and programs can be downloaded. Next time you’re using your computer or your favorite app and wish that it had something it doesn't – remember you now have the influence to change it!



Who doesn't want a website that completely revolves around you and your interest? Well, if you are one of those people who want one of those websites, then consider StumbleUpon your solution. StumbleUpon is a free app available through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

StumbleUpon finds the best web pages, photos, and videos from any website and brings them all right to you on one web page. Wondering how StumbleUpon is going to know what you like? Well, when you download StumbleUpon and create a login, you are given categories options that might interest you. You can choose from tech, humor, fashion, cars, gadgets, books, cooking, and many more. StumbleUpon lets you choose as many of these categories as you want. Based on the categories you have selected that interest you, StumbleUpon displays a variety of pictures, videos, and web pages that meet those interests. When you view any of the suggestions given you are asked to rate what you read with a thumbs up or down. Based on your rating StumbleUpon will adjust the material they present you in the future. If you find something you really like you can share it with your friends through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

StumbleUpon brings the best of all web-browsing into one specified location based on what you like. If you think StumbleUpon sounds too good to be true, give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!  




Why so many different mobile computing choices? Notebooks? Netbooks? Chromebooks? Ultrabooks? Let’s not forget tablets too! How do you know which one is best for you? Well, that’s a question asked quite frequently. We’ll break it down a bit without too much detail. Notebooks are typically a standard –sized “laptop” computers with full features including DVD/CD drives, many expansion ports (more than 2 USB ports, VGA, HDMI, etc depending upon brand/model). Most notebooks are intended to replace a desktop. Netbooks are a typically smaller than 12” “laptop” computers that don’t have DVD/CD drives, and usually not very many expansion ports and are intended for basic usage and surfing the ‘net. Chromebooks are relatively new to the arena and are typically lightweight, portable devices which run pre-installed Google Apps, and use your Google account to function. Chromebooks tend to be more light-weight and more portable than a standard size notebook as well. Ultrabooks are typically the thinnest, most light-weight and portable style of computers, but they do miss out on features such as DVD/CD drives, and some expansion ports. However, manufacturers have combated this by shrinking ports and making adapters and cables so we can still have as much versatility as possible. Some examples of these mentioned styles would be the following: Notebook – Lenovo ThinkPad T Series or Apple MacBook Pro. A Netbook: Acer Aspire ONE Series. Chromebook: Samsung Series 5. Ultrabook: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, or ThinkPad Twist, or MacBook Air. Keep in mind this is a VERY short list, as there are numerous brands and features – picking one is part of the fun! As for tablets? Once you’ve chosen whether you’d like Apple iOS, Android, or Windows 8 / Windows Mobile, you’ll be on your way!


accuweather (1)  


With all the bad weather we have seen lately and the amount of people who own smartphones, it only makes sense to have a weather app on your phone or tablets. AccuWeather is a free app that is available through iTunes and the Google Play Store. AccuWeather will keep you updated with all current and future weather conditions.

AccuWeather is a convenient and reliable app that allows you to check current and hourly weather conditions and a 15 day forecast is available for 2.7 million locations worldwide and is in 22 languages. Another convenient little feature is you can integrate the weather forecast with your calendar. The 15 day forecast is able to sync into your personal calendar. AccuWeather gives you severe weather notices, current weather conditions that refresh every 5 minutes, and even contact location viewing. Contact location viewing allows you place pins on the location of your friends a family. This helps you stay informed about any possible severe weather they may be experiencing.

Having a detailed weather app is a necessity when you live in an area with such unpredictable weather. AccuWeather is a way to keep up with the weather and plan around whatever is coming your way.

Targus Lap Chill Mat

June Gadget of the Month  

Targus Lap Chill Mat is available for $39.99 at all five of our locations (Pekin, Peoria, Farmington, Normal, and Peru). The Targus Lap Chill Mat protects your lap or work surface from the heat your laptop produces by using dual fans to provide ventilation that your laptop won’t get when using other lap desks or make shift lap desks (i.e. pillows, blankets). To use this Chill Mat you just plug your laptop into the USB port provided to activate the cooling. The Chill Mat is tilted to make typing easier and comes with rubber stops on the top of the mat to help prevent your laptop from sliding off. The open design of the mat helps fans run quietly and keep a consistent airflow. Targus Lap Chill Mat is a great gadget that will help keep not only your laptop protected, but prevent from any damages your laptop could create from overheating.

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