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Mike Gillespie

Today Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call would like to congratulate Mike Gillespie on his 5 year anniversary with the company. Mike was hired in 2008 as a part time PC Technician, his skills and passion were quickly recognized and soon Mike became a full time PC Technician and Software Analyst. Mike is A+ Certified and has a great interest in Programming. Mike works on the Facet and Nerds on Call Ticket System, which is essential to the daily flow of our business, as well as building new computers, computer diagnostics, and cleaning up infected computers. Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call are proud of the successful 5 years Mike has been with the company and look forward to an even more successful future with him.

Dave Jacobs

On Sunday Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call celebrated our 5 year anniversary with Dave Jacobs. Dave was hired in 2008 as a Lead Technician in Peoria. He is A+ Certified and has a Business Degree from Illinois State University. Dave has a variety of responsibilities from building new computers, computer diagnostics, and cleaning up infected computers to working with Macs, wireless, and networks. When Dave isn't putting his tech skills to use he enjoys playing bass guitar and has a great passion for cars. Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call are proud to have such a valuable individual on our staff and would like to thank Dave for all his hard work.




With school back in full swing we thought we would bring you an app that will help you stay on top of your school work. myHomework is an app designed to do that. myHomework is available for free through the iTunes and the Google Play Store.

myHomework’s main and most important function is keeping track and reminding you of your class schedule and upcoming dates that are important. myHomework lets you manually add all of your classes to the app and include important information such as class times, start & end dates, and locations. Once you have all your classes and class information added you can start adding your assignments. The “Homework” option allows you to add a short description of an upcoming task for your classes and label it with the appropriate title (test, homework, study, lab, quiz, read, etc.). Additional features to make sure you don’t forget any of those tasks include setting a priority for assignments and also reminders before they are due. myHomework also provides you with a calendar where you can see a complete overview of all tasks you need to complete on certain dates.

myHomework has received great reviews from its users and delivers on its promise to help keep your school work organized. Good luck to all of the students headed back to school!  



Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 is the latest addition users are adding to their list of addicting games. Super Stickman Golf 2 is available for free through the Google Play Store and is $2.99 through iTunes.

Super Stickman Golf 2 gives users online multiplayer options, so you can play a random opponent or search for your friends. During the game you are taken to 180 challenging holes with the added bonus of reaching 53 achievements. Some challenges you may face along the way are moving obstacles, portals, and magnets. You can also unlock new characters and earn more valuable hats that each have their own unique ability.

Give Super Stickman Golf 2 a try and see if you can conquer the most challenging feature, not becoming addicted!  


Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noodlecake.ssg2&hl=en

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/super-stickman-golf-2/id585259203?mt=8

Coupon Printing

Coupon-clippers beware! Coupon software for Windows will not save you any money unfortunately. The programs that offer this service are most-often full of spyware and allow other viruses into your machine. Once infected, costly repairs can stack up quickly! Rest assured, you can trust coupons or on-line sales from “trusted” websites such as the actual retailer themselves. For example, “coupon printer for windows” is a known offender of letting spyware and viruses into machines. But, if you go to your favorite store’s website, and they are offering 20% off with valid coupon, you can print it directly from their site without worry.

Remember Those Passwords!

As the number of our online accounts grow, so do our numerous passwords we have to remember. Many secure apps are available for download that will help you store them so you can retrieve them at will, or even store them so they are remembered when you click onto your favorite website (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Even with these apps, recommended practice would be to keep a copy somewhere that won’t be lost if your computer or device crashes as well. If the computer or device has to be wiped out or reloaded, you take a great risk in losing those stored passwords. Remember to remember your passwords everyone!

Carrie Roberts

Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call would like to congratulate and thank Carrie Roberts for her 5 year dedication to our company. Carrie was hired on August 4, 2008 as an Administrative Assistant. Carrie is a Peoria native who attended cosmetology school at Oehrlein and also earned her EMT license through Illinois Central College. Carrie currently resides in El Paso and works primarily in our Nerds on Call location in Normal. Carrie maintains a multitude of responsibilities for Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call. Carrie coordinates all of the Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call events, billing, receiving and dispersing parts, customer service, and many other important tasks that are vital to the flow of our company. Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call are happy to have Carrie as a valued team member and appreciate the hard work she does.



Want to create your own commercial free radio stations? Build your own customized radio stations based on your favorite songs? Or maybe, take your favorite local radio stations with you everywhere? iHeartRadio offers all of those features and more! iHeartRadio is available for free through the Google Play Store and iTunes.

iHeartRadio gives you access to 1,500 Live Stations from pop, country, and urban to rock, talk, and college. iHeartRadio lets you browse radio stations by music genres and location and with 15 million songs and 400,000 artists you are sure to find what you are looking for. Create, save, and share radio stations with your friends and family, as well as offer your own input to the music being presented to you. iHeartRadio lets you rate the music you are listening to and they try to adjust the listening material based on your ratings.

A free radio app that puts you in control of the music is hard to come by, so take advantage of a good thing and get iHeartRadio now!  






RadarNow! is the simple radar app you have been hoping for, only performing one function this app is sure to make checking the radar easy. RadarNow! is available for free through the Google Play Store and iTunes.

RadarNow! has one goal, to provide you with a rapid display of the local Doppler radar. RadarNow! requires no configuration or user input to operate.

If you want an app that is simple, to the point, and provides fast, accurate weather radar, then RadarNow! is what you have been searching for. Check it out!  



Updated Apps

We all download an app or get software that we wish had just one little extra feature or improvement to a certain function. Over time we may become frustrated with it and abandon using it frequently. However, it pays to go back at check for new versions and revisions of the same app or software to see if those features you longed for have been added. Also the creators may have greatly improved functionality of that little part of the app that you wanted to work so much better! Personally, I believe voice-to-text has been VASTLY improved in the past year or two across mobile platforms. Also, touch-screen recognition and smoothness of touch-screen graphics have improved. So while it rains, you might go back and check out those apps you left behind in frustration!

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