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Patience is a virtue. We all get flustered using our technology from time to time. Whether it’s a new app we downloaded that’s crashing, or our spreadsheet that just won’t fill a formula properly, it’s important to take a step back. While we take our well-deserved break from technology, sometimes the perfect solution becomes clear, and other times it takes a lot more doing than we originally planned. However, sometimes a simple reboot of a device or closing the program and re-opening, patience will keep us from losing our sanity. Keep in mind that rebooting a device at least once a day is a good measure to clear our any cached or “left-behind” programs that may not have closed properly on a PC, Mac, or portable device.

Unblock Me

Unlock me

Unblock Me, sounds like something you would hear when discussing social media sites. However, that’s not what we are talking about. Unblock Me is an addicting puzzle game that is available for free through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

The objective of this game is to unblock the red block from all of the other blocks surrounding it and get it off the board. Sounds simple enough, but with a variety of 4 levels and 6,500 puzzles you are sure to never encounter the same obstacles. Along with varying skill levels to choose from, you can also take your pick of what mode you enter. You can choose between “challenge mode” and “relax mode”. Challenge mode counts the number of moves it takes you to complete the puzzle. Relax mode allows you to take your time and complete the puzzle with no added pressure.

Unblock Me isn’t a game that will have you on the edge of your seat and there is not much action or adventure to it, but it is addicting all the same. If you are a puzzle and brain teaser type of person, then Unblock Me is definitely the app for you!  


Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiragames.unblockmefree&hl=en

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/unblock-me-free/id315019111?mt=8

Software Updates

Software Updates! The pesky annoying little blips that show up in the lower right-hand corner of a PC or the bouncy blue Update icon on a Mac are the operating system’s way of telling us that we might be missing some important security updates or new features of a software that’s installed on our machines! It’s best practice to install Windows or Mac OS updates often, as well as support software like Adobe Reader, Flash Player, or Java. The updates help protect against malicious threats and also help improve the functionality of the operating system. Keep in mind if there are a lot of updates to do, they can take up quite a bit of time. So, this holiday weekend, let those updates roll while you’re enjoying a family cookout and come back to a rebooted, refreshed computing experience!




Whether you are traveling and looking for good advice on where to go or you just want to find something new in your town, Yelp can help. Yelp is free app through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Yelp offers information on restaurants, shopping, auto, medical, and many more. You can get store information, restaurant menus, photos, tips, events, and even get feedback from other people who use Yelp. It’s hard to go to a new place without knowing what to expect, other Yelp users have helped to make that easier with reviews on what they did or did not like. There is also a way to filter out the results by clicking on preferences such as: free wifi, good for kids, good for groups, take-out, and more! You can even filter out the results based on what types of food you are looking for.

Yelp is a great tool to use with honest feedback from its users so you always know what to expect. It is also a great way to add to the experience you had. When you leave your reviews it helps out other Yelp users in the future. Take advantage of Yelps free advice and use it the next time you want to try something new or are unfamiliar with your location.  



Facet Technologies New Employee!

Facet Technologies is proud to announce the new addition to our team, Alex King. Alex is Facet’s newest LAN Technician. Alex has two associate degrees; one in Network Administration and the other in Cisco Professional Networking. Alex is A+ Certified, and currently working towards a CCNA Certification as well as pursuing his Network+ Certification. Facet Technologies is happy to welcome Alex to our team!

Tech Tip of the Week!

Kids’ apps aren't just always for kids! Many apps which are geared toward younger age groups can also be a lot of fun for parents to play along with the kids. We can even be surprised sometimes by how challenging some of the games are, and how quickly a young mind can pick it up and run with it! We can also rely on some of the younger minds to show an older age group how to use new technology and make it look surprisingly easy. The idea makes for great bonding experiences as well! Facet’s App of the Week would be a great starting place to spend some time with a young one and see how quickly they learn and catch onto new technology!

PBS Parents Learn and Play

PBS Parents Learn and Play  


Need to a good distraction for your kids? PBS Parents Play & Learn has a great app to capture your child’s attention and also interact with you so you can stay tuned in with what they are doing. This app is available through the Google Play Store and iTunes for free.

PBS Parents Play & Learn is a bilingual learning game that takes advantage of your child’s natural curiosity by developing games that are themed around their everyday environments such as the kitchen, car, park, bath time, and other familiar locations. Play & Learn is compatible with many skill levels. It offers skill choices between easy and hard as well as activity variations from baby, toddler, and preschooler. Kids can learn to distinguish the differences in shapes and sizes, matching colors, piecing together patterns, counting, tracing, and many other useful skills to help their development. This app comes with parent notes for each game, so you can stay involved in your child’s activity and still focus on your own. There are 13 games, 52 hands on activities, and push notifications for parents to get more activity ideas.

Most parents have those moments where you just need a few minutes where your child is occupied and you can knock out a task, whether it’s at the grocery store, bank, or even at home. Let your child be creative and learn while you step back, watch, and finish your own chores.  



Try and Learn!

This week’s tech tip is to remember to try new apps and learn new technology! Technology is ever-evolving around us and at a very fast pace. Whether it’s learning a new operating system, or learning a new app that’s on the “hot list”. As technology evolves, it also becomes more and more user friendly, and first-time user friendly. It can become quickly integrated into your everyday life, and that’s just how it’s intended to be used! Even if you’re scared or don’t feel confident downloading a new app, you can read through reviews and other user experiences and get an idea if the download will be a good choice. You may just find out that you like that new smartphone more than you originally planned!




How many of you dread going to the mall? Maybe some of you just don’t have the time to make the trip? Either way, there is a great alternative, Zappos! Zappos is a free app that is available to download through iTunes and the Google Play Store. Zappos takes online shopping to a whole new level and makes shopping easy and convenient.

Zappos is centered around you, the customer, with free shipping and returns without a minimum purchase, 365 day return policy (can’t get that at any store!), and 24/7 customer service. Zappos has a wide variety of products including accessories, clothing, and handbags to house wares, sporting goods, and gift cards, However, Zappos is most famous for their shoes sales/selection. One of the best user friendly features is definitely the product searches, don’t waste time searching through various unrelated merchandise, just do a quick search! Recently, Zappos updated a few features on their mobile app to meet customer demands; now you are enabled with the opportunity to get notifications when a product you were interested in purchasing that was out of stock becomes available again, as well as product videos, tracking orders on their map, and saving previous searches to make future searches more efficient.

One of the coolest things about Zappos, in my opinion, would be the free next business day shipping. Zappos adds the convenience of not having to go out and shop, but still be able to get your order in a reasonable time. Zappos has received great reviews from a majority of their customers (probably the best reviews on any app we have done), so give Zappos a try and see how much of a time saver online shopping can really be.  



Ultra Capacity Mobile PowerStation

Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station     Facet's Gadget of the Month for March, the Ultra Capacity Mobile PowerStation. A portable battery that is usable anywhere because it does not require an AC outlet to recharge your electronics. Available at all five of our locations (Pekin, Peoria, Farmington, Normal, and Peru) for only $50.00!

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