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Winter's Coming, People Get Desperate, Don’t Be the Easy Target

Even in the nicest neighborhoods, your home could become a target. Stop bad guys cold this winter with a home automation system that includes security. About 2.5 million families get hit each year, costing them an average of $1,700 — not including the undefinable costs of fear, insecurity, frightened children and other traumas. Depending on your locale and budget, here are a few home security items to consider installing:



Security cameras can be installed inside or outside, they can connect to flash drives or the Cloud to record images (up to 1080 HD quality) and some can send live feeds to your smartphone or tablet. New camera models integrate doorbells, so you can see who's at the door while safely behind it.


Door/Window Sensors

These classics are proven technology. With a sensor on the door/window and another on the frame, the alarm sounds when the circuit breaks. Add glass-break detectors, which respond to specific frequencies, and you have an inexpensive, reliable system that can sound audio or visual alarms, activate cameras or even call the police.


Motion Detectors

These detect movement, so perhaps not the best inside choice for homes with young, night-roving children or nocturnal pets. Even then, it's an option for garages, enclosed patios or other low-traffic areas. Like sensors, these can attach to alarm systems to alert resident or authorities.


Window Stickers/Yard Signs

Yeah, the absolute lowest of tech, but these deter uncounted burglaries every year — uncounted because the would-be thief sees them and moves on to softer targets. (By the way, if your budget is that tight, our ethics don't prevent us from telling a little white lie, why should yours?)


Non-criminal Security

In addition to the bad guys, Mother Nature can be a witch! Radon, a radioactive gas, enters homes through foundation cracks or holes — invisible, odorless and tasteless, radon poisoning symptoms may not appear for years. Fire detectors come in three types — heat sensors, smoke sensors or dual sensors; they keep your family safe and protect your property when no one is home. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas — colorless, odorless and emitted by everything that has a flame. All these dangers increase in winter as we close up our homes to keep the heat in.

You know the old ad proverb: Security systems — $XX. Your family's safety — Priceless. Let Call R Nerds and our sister companies create an integrated home security/home automation system just for you. Drop into our Normal, Pekin or Peoria locations and be safe!

What's New in Tech Toys — Pre-Christmas Edition

Every holiday season, exciting new stuff comes around. This year, your friends at Call R Nerds are particularly excited:


Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience

Who didn't get a chill when Robert Downey, Jr., said, "I am Iron Man"? Thanks to Hasbro, your kids can feel all the thrills of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War with this mask and gauntlet. Just download the Hero Vision app, put a compatible device inside the AR goggles, put AR markers in the play area and take on the supervillains! For ages 8 and up.


Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set

Don't just get a toy, inspire an engineer! This 800-piece set from K’NEX includes rods and connectors to build an awesome roller coaster. That, alone, will fill hours of playtime but, you can also add a cardboard VR viewer (included) to ride the coaster (virtually) with the Ride It! app.  For ages 9 and up.


This hand-controlled orb is a small drone with a difference — no remote! Toss it into the air and it starts flying; you control it by hand motions. The Air Hogs has small sensors on every side and responds to your gestures. Push it, spin it, launch and land it, just like magic. Learn over 40+ supercool Supernova moves and tricks. Charges in under 1 hour for 5-7 minutes of flight per charge. Ages 12 and up.


Hovertrax 2.0

They appeared last year, getting a lot of bad press when they caught fire. Good news, the problems have been fixed and this Razor is the world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter. Cruises up to 8 mph for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. With its quick-charger, you won't wait a week for your next ride. New for 2018: A cool blue LED light bar, fender bumpers, an LED battery power indicator, and 2 riding modes — training and normal use. Weight limit, 220 pounds; for teens and up.


Shuttermoon 5-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit

Still shooting pictures with a camera that isn't on your phone? How 20th Century!
This kit featuring a durable clip-on design compatible with most mobile phones and tablets. Snap on the 2x telephoto zoom, 198° fisheye lens (most are only 180°), 0.63x wide-angle lens or 15x macro lens and selfie your heart out. Worried about unwanted objects in your pix? Don't, these professional-grade camera lenses help reduce flare and ghosting while enhancing color and sharpness. For business or pleasure, this photo kit is the bomb!

Drop into our Normal, Pekin or Peoria locations and play Santa Clone!

Friends Coming for the Holidays? You Need a Home Audio Upgrade

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting crisper, there's something in the air — it's the holiday party season! If Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve aren't enough, there's National Homemade Cookie Day in October, Plan Your Epitaph Day in November or Bathtub Party Day in December. (Yeah, any excuse for a party is a good excuse!)

Sound a little crazy? Well, we don't celebrate enough. The crazy part is decking the halls, spreading a feast, inviting all your best friends and neighbors over then subjecting them to mediocre home audio.


Imagine the Audio Possibilities

A great home stereo makes you feel like your favorite band is performing right in your house. Your system could be very simple (and affordable on almost any budget) with just left and right stereo, or, you can go for broke (well, not literally) — with everything from subwoofers to super-tweeters — and make your family room sound so much like Carnegie Hall that even cousin Floyd's off-key baritone sounds good.

Of course, you probably don't know exactly what would sound best at your party. Not a problem, Nerds on Call can design and install the ideal home audio system for your needs. We've done the research for you. The components we recommend come from companies you can trust, and our experts will optimize all those components to work together seamlessly.

We can even put together a whole-home wireless hi-fi arrangement that you can run all over the house from a single, wireless, handheld control box. We'll help you fill every room with warm, full-bodied sound that's crystal clear at any volume and we won't empty your wallet doing it. (Unless you really want us to, in which case, the customer is always right!)


Don't Forget the Video

From the classic Halloween all-night fright fest to the newly-minted tradition of a New Year's Eve superhero movie marathon, you cannot ignore your home theater. Did you know that home video now comes in 4K (even better than Blu-Ray) on screens up to 75-inches (measured diagonally)? Oh, yeah, that's entertainment! Plug the supreme video into the superb audio and your home theater could catapult your house into being the premier party palace in your family or neighborhood.


Don't forget, Nerds on Call isn't your average Peoria-Pekin-Normal-Bloomington home entertainment shop. We also offer phone and tablet repair, computer repairs and tech toys the whole family will love.

Art from Above: Utilizing Drones for Fun and Profit

Radio controlled (RC) airplanes have been around for decades, but drones take RC to a level beyond anything most of us ever expected. Parrot and Syma drones from Nerds on Call are among the best in the industry — built to last through the tough use for years to come.


The Perfect Tech Toy!

The perfect drone will vary, depending on what you intend to do. Whether you're a newcomer or veteran pilot, planning on simple home video or complex professional photography, the Nerds on Call are ready to assist you in finding the perfect drone for your needs.


The Next Tech Business?

Battery-driven drones are more environmentally sound than gas-powered air vehicles. Small drones with high-definition cameras are doing just about everything helicopter cameras did a few years ago, and doing it cheaper, because they're smaller and less expensive. Going where people and service animals can't, they've become valuable partners for law enforcement, farming, media, maintenance inspections and hundreds of other business applications. Unfortunately, most companies and government agencies don't need a full-time drone.

Just kidding! We're thrilled they don't, because that opens up a huge opportunity for you. Like any business, you have start-up costs, advertising, a need to work to your clients' schedule and other challenges. If you're up to such a challenge, the unmanned aerial surveillance (UAS) industry will add an estimated $80-billion-plus in new business over the next decade. Nerds on Call would really love to help you cut yourself a slice of that pie!


Be advised

Whether you fly for fun or profit, if your drone weighs more than half a pound, you must register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you plan on using it for business, you also need a "remote pilot certification". Visit registermyuas.faa.gov for complete details.


So, Parrot or Syma?

Parrot drones are easy to operate via an included control box or your smartphone. Beginner machines are under $50, with pro-quality models well under $1,000. Boasting flight time up to 30 minutes and range up to 1.25 miles, Parrot offers almost too many options to decide among.

Syma drones are perfect high-tech toys for family fun. Ranging from about $30 to about $120, they do flips and stunts, take photos and fly long distances without radio interference problems. Even their smallest drone (you can launch it from the palm of your hand) can fly up to 60 minutes.


Don't forget, Nerds on Call isn't your average Peoria-Pekin-Normal-Bloomington tech toy shop. We also offer computer, phone and tablet repair plus home video/automation equipment or installation the whole family will love.

Your Kids Will Bring Home Germs; Don't let them Bring Home a Virus!

What parent hasn't heard, "It's going around"? A cold or the flu or something always seems to be running through grade schools and high schools. There may be no cure for the common cold, but computer viruses are far more dangerous than a few days with a runny nose, it can be fatal to your computer.


Connectivity Breeds, Well, All Manner of Nastiness

Whenever you or your child logs on to the school network, you should know that some prankster may have been there before you. Is your desktop or portable computer running slow or freezing up? Are annoying pop-ups popping up or suspicious programs running on startup? Could be some hacker has been busy and the school's network security has allowed malware to breed and spread. Even if you have the latest and best anti-virus software, something new may sneak past.

Nerds on Call takes your security seriously as seriously as you do, and we keep up to date on the latest security measures. If you think you've been hit, we'll thoroughly check each of your computers and tablets for viruses, malware and spyware to ensure that your data is safe and that your computer is running at its full capacity.


Data Security/Recovery

What teacher hasn't heard "My dog ate my homework"? Today's malicious hackers don't care how long your child worked on that book report or term paper, they think wanton destruction is funny. Have a backup plan. An external hard drive can safeguard the whole family's data, photos, etc., and a small flash drive (they aren't all that small, some of them) can be the difference between a semester-ending celebration and a semester-ending disaster. Once we've cleaned up and existing problems, we can secure your computer against future attacks with recommendations for software to help ward off infections, including tools to manage your computer safety.


The Only Tech Shop You'll Need

Take a stroll around our website and see what virus protection and recovery services we have. Follow us on social media see the new threats and how to combat them. Stop into one of our four locations today and let us show you how we can meet all your back-to-school needs — not to mention all your other computer needs. Nerds on Call has served Peoria, Peru, Bloomington/Normal and Pekin for decades with in-shop, onsite and in-home repair services for portable computers and tablets. (Yes, unlike your doctor, we still make house calls!) Partner with us for every technological advantage available to your child — or to you, if you're taking the academic plunge yourself.

A Portable Computer/Tablet Could Boost Your Child's Scholastic Success.

Technology has changed the way we do just about everything — we do it (whatever it is) faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Educators constantly complain about how far their money doesn't stretch. Parents can now step in and make a big difference with academic software and hardware.


Start Early

We've all heard that starting early is a key to academic success, so get your pre-K set a tablet and some learning games and watch them shine!


The End of the Traditional Textbook?

Paper textbooks have many disadvantages — they're easily damaged, some subject matter changes at an alarming rate and no student really enjoys lugging them around. Widely available for college students and growing in popularity for K-12 schools, parents can get electronic textbooks loaded on a tablet or portable computer. They cost significantly less, they can be updated without reprinting the whole book and they're so much lighter!


Tutoring by the Best in the World — Literally

Studying film? Watch them online. Studying philosophy or literature? Read the works of the masters. Studying history? Read the actual, primary source documents. Studying engineering? Search for "epic engineering failures" and laugh yourselves silly! Many professors record their lectures and upload them to be viewed on the college's website or commercial video services like YouTube.com.

Online tutoring (free and fee-based services) comes right to your school library, dorm room or your home on demand, 24/7!


The Best Work Needs the Best Tools

Nerds on Call sells great computers, custom-built or off-the-shelf, depending on your needs and budget. High quality isn't our middle name, it's our heart and soul — your new computer, from our sister company, Facet Technologies, is a machine built to last. We use only the best components available. With names you trust such as Intel, Western Digital, and Kingston, you can be sure our machines will be working on your terms for years to come.


Your One-stop Tech Shop

Take a stroll around our website, and see what we offer. Remember, the tech world constantly updates with new products, so follow us on social media and see the new merchandise, or stop into one of our four locations today. Nerds on Call has served Peoria, Peru, Bloomington/Normal and Pekin for decades with in-shop, onsite and in-home repair services for portable computers and tablets. (Yes, unlike your doctor, we still make house calls!) Partner with us for every technological advantage available to your child — or to you, if you're taking the academic plunge.

The Boys (and Girls) of Summer and their Tech Toys

School's out for the summer and the kids want to have fun, relax and get recharged for the challenging school year ahead. You depend on Nerds on Call for your serious IT needs, so, let us show you our playful side:

For the Younger Set
"MiP" is short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum, a robot tech toy that balances and drives on two wheels. No "Some Assembly Required" here, MiP is ready to roll as soon as it's out of the box. Watch your youngster interact with MiP using hand gestures, Bluetooth or a free smartphone app.  Test your stacking skill with the included tray. Put a full soda can on MiP's tray and watch it deliver a cold one across the room. Strike up the band and see MiP rock out to the included playlist or your favorite hits.
Think a robot is just too 20th Century? Well, try something from 65 million BC — the MiPosaur! Patterned after the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex (but not too fearsome for the littlest ones in your Jurassic Park), Miposaur has three basic moods: curious, excited and annoyed and reacts differently to gestures, the included TrackBall or the app depending on its mood. Three moods plus six installed games equal hours and hours of paleo tech toys at play.

For the Older Set
Teens naturally want to spread their wings, so, let them do just that with a drone!
The Parrot Mambo is a great starter drone. Equip it with the included Cannon or Grabber and watch the sky become an almost limitless playground. Host speed or skill races; develop acrobatic challenges or tricks; take on simulated aerial combat.
For the bolder teens, the Parrot Disco drone can boogie up to almost 50 mph. The Parrot Skycontroller 2 provides total control for precision flight and the streamlined fuselage and fixed wings give the Disco a natural flight characteristic similar to a real airplane. Parrot Cockpit glasses (also included) give the pilot a realistic, 1080p HD, bird's eye view for the ultimate immersive flying sensation.
The professional drone business is expanding like wildfire. It could be that this "toy" might just be the beginning of a real career for your young pilots!

Drop By and Check out the Goodies
Nerds on Call isn't just about getting the IT job done, our four Illinois locations (Bloomington, Normal, Pekin and Peoria) are great places to see the latest in tech toys for the whole family!

Wherever You are, We are There!

Whether it's a business trip or a family vacation, your information technology needs don't change much. You still need to connect with the office, your customers, suppliers, etc., or with family and friends. So, what happens if you have a computer problem and need tech support when you're away from home and office? Well, we didn't name the company "Nerds On Call" for nothing!

For 30 years CallRNerds.com and its partner companies have been designing, implementing and supporting IT solutions that meet your needs. Do you think we'd let you down just because you left town?


It's Just a Short Trip, What Could Go Wrong?

Oh, just about anything that can go wrong at home! What sort of issues can be resolved using remote tech support? Oh, just about anything that can be fixed at any one of our four Illinois locations:

Changing computer settings and displays; email issues; Facebook and social media issues; Internet browser preferences; new passwords; some printing issues; virus and malware cleanup and much more.


Why Choose Nerds on Call for remote service?

You can always phone into one of those 1-800 remote tech services, but do you know who you're talking to? Do you even know where they are? (Well, you might be able to guess by the accents.) Nerds on Call is a local business — we're your neighbors. That 1-800 company doesn't care if you ever call back, they have a million other customers. We want to be your first and only call when you need computer repair service.

Our pricing is transparent with a flat, time-based rate. We are a certified, insured service provider. Our technicians provide quick, friendly service so you can be back to business or sightseeing or whatever you'd rather to be doing instead of talking to us.

Nerds on Call will never contact you to initiate a remote session — that's one of the oldest scammer tricks in the book. With Nerds on Call, you contact us then we respond and you stay in control.


I Got Punked! Can You Save Me?

Yes, most of the time. If you gave them your credit card info, contact the issuer, cancel the card and stop that payment. If a scam artist calls back, hang up on the jerk.

Then contact the remote tech support experts at Nerds on Call by phone or chat. We'll perform a thorough check to locate and remove any suspicious activity or programs on your computer. We can even secure your computer against most future attacks.

When it happens — and it will, sooner or later — call 309-689-3900 or visit callrnerds.com. We'll take it from there.

Ghosts in the Machine? Who You Gonna Call?

When your computer starts acting like it's possessed, you have four choices — Nerds on Call in Normal, Pekin, Peru, or Peoria, Illinois.  Running slow? Hard drive failure or data loss? Windows corrupted? Computer not powering up? Have printer, Internet, mouse, keyboard, speaker or any other issue?  Call R Nerds!

In a hurry?  Ask about our priority service and have your machine back even faster.  Got wireless network or signal strength issues that need on-site repair services?  We'll schedule an appointment, come to you, assess your issues and fix them.


Virus Removal

Viruses are among the fastest-growing and most dangerous problems in cyberspace.  Malicious pranksters and cybercriminals want to hurt you. Most viruses aren't the cyberspace versions of an H-bomb, but they are not good.  Virus removal is vital to your computer's health.

Nerds on Call will diagnose each machine individually.  We'll remove every trace of infection, so you start fresh and run as fast as possible.  We use multiple tools to perform cleanups on your computer, so we get every known virus and we help secure your PC or Apple against future attacks.  At Nerds on Call, "cybersecurity" is not our middle name, it's our mission and our passion.

Nerds on Call technicians are qualified experts with up-to-date training on the latest threats and fixes and we provide in-shop, on-site or remote virus cleanup services.


Apple Repair

Trust the most reliable home computer repair techs in Central Illinois to deal with your Apple issues.  Not everybody has a PC and not every shop can deal with issues specific to Apple products. For Apple/Mac repairs, virus removal and cybersecurity, Nerds on Call provides timely support and, if you need repairs on a Mac that's are no longer under warranty, trust the Nerds to resolve these issues without dissolving your retirement fund.

Get your machine back to like-new performance with the Apple experts that have been doing it right for over 25 years!


By the way…

If we do take your Apple or PC computer into our shop, you may need something to fill your time while it's under repair.  Consider adopting one of our pet MIPosaurs — they don't eat or need a litter box and won't try to hop in bed with you. If flying a drone is more to your recreation (or business) style, we offer the best of Parrot and Syma drones and accessories.

Whether your electronic needs be business or pleasure, Nerds on Call stands ready to fill them.

A Custom-Built Computer is Exactly What You Want

The average customer — with off-the-shelf needs — is fine with an off-the-shelf computer.  If you're not average — and you're not — you need a Nerds on Call custom PC.

Why Add the Trouble of Custom-built Computers?
The big players make good computers, we all know that, but we sometimes forget that they don't make computers for "you" or "me", they make computers for "everybody", meaning nobody gets exactly what they want.  Check the software list on your start-up screen, do you really need a Mixed Reality Portal? Do you even know what Mixed Reality Portal is? (Don't feel bad, neither do we!)
You're paying for all this, it's taking up space and you'll never use it.  Not cool! Spending a little extra time, effort or money on custom-built computers means your budget goes to what you need and not one cent on what you'll never use.  Depending on your specific needs, we might even bring the bill in below what you'd spend for off-the-shelf machines.

Getting the Right Hardware
What does that computer need to do?  Your receptionist might need just the most basic system.  Your professional teams — architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers — need interconnected systems so they can interact on projects.  Audio producers need lots of disk space. Game designers and video producers need huge amounts of disk space. Your server needs to keep an eye on all the other computers in your workspace.  So, sit down with your people, make a list of what you need then Call R Nerds.

Finding the Expert
Like Mr. Stanley, your opening line will be "Dr. Livingstone, I presume."  After weeks or months of wandering the techno-jungle, Nerds on Call is the end of the journey.  Drop by our Peoria, Normal, Pekin or Peru, IL, locations or give us a ring. Tell us what you need; we'll make it happen.
We use only the best components available for our custom-built machines, from suppliers like Intel, Western Digital and Kingston.  We guarantee delivery of a computer that works on your terms and every Nerds on Call custom-built computer arrives with a one-year warranty covering all parts and labor.  Plus, we honor all manufacturer warranties — even after our warranty period.
We'll throw in free antivirus to help protect your system — no extra charge — and our own remote service software, meaning help from Nerds on Call is only a click away!  One more thing: Every computer system (custom or off-the-shelf) sold by Nerds on Call includes a full data transfer from your old machines. We'll migrate pictures, documents, music, videos — everything — we'll even install software you've licensed.
Get exactly what you need and want, get custom computer systems from Nerds on Call.

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