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Heads Up!



Whether you use your devices to read, watch movies, or play games, your devices serve many functions. That being said, we are presenting you with another way your device can entertain you. Heads Up! is a multiplayer game where your smartphone or tablet is the game piece. Heads Up! is available for $0.99 in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Heads Up! is a game you can play with your friends where you choose from a category such as: celebrities, movies, animals, and more. Once you have selected a category, one of the players then holds the device against their forehead and a word is given to the other players. The objective is to give clues to the player who cannot see the word, to help them correctly guess what you are trying to convey. See how many answers each player gets right in the allotted amount of time.

Whether you want to add a new activity to game night or just want to put your skills to the test, Heads Up! is sure to bring the fun.  


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heads-up!/id623592465?mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wb.headsup&hl=en

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner



Having trouble deciding what to make for dinner tonight? Maybe you want to try a new recipe? Well, Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner offers a great solution to that problem. Dinner Spinner is available for free through iTunes and for $2.99 in the Google Play Store.

Dinner Spinner has a cool twist to their set up. Choose what type of dish you are looking for, such as: main dish, side dish, soup, appetizer, desert, etc. Then, chose what ingredient you would like the dish to consist of, for example, beef, cheese, vegetables, fruit, pasta, etc. Finally, the best step of all, choosing a dish based on the cooking time. Whether you want it done in less than 20 minutes or you are looking for a slow cooker recipe, Dinner Spinner is bound to have it.

Dinner Spinner is a great tool to use when you don't have time to sift through your cookbook and look for a new recipe to try. Dinner Spinner is easy to use and is guaranteed to have something you are looking for.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/allrecipes.com-dinner-spinner/id299515267  

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.allrecipes.spinner.free&hl=en





I’m sure most of you have seen those cartoon comics that your friends or family members have been posting on Facebook. If you are like us, you had no idea what those were about at first. After a little investigation, we decided to make it our App of the Week. Bitstrips is a free app available through iTunes and the Google Play Store for free and it is accessed through your Facebook accounts.

Bitstrips is a creative app that lets your design comics about you, your friends, and your family members. You can edit the Bitstrips to look like you or who you are creating the comic about as well as edit the scene and provide a caption. Once you are finished with your comic you can share it on Facebook.

Jump on the Bitstrips bandwagon and let your creativity out!

Extended warranty v. Accidental Damage

Extended warranty coverage vs. accidental damage protection. Which should you choose? The question is asked quite a bit, especially with mobile devices growing in popularity. First, let’s distinguish the difference. Warranty coverage typically only covers failure of the item from “natural” causes, such as not functioning as it’s intended or won’t power on. Most warranties will not cover liquid spill damage, physical neglect or abuse (a device getting dropped, stepped on, parachute didn’t open, etc). However, that’s where accidental damage protection saves the day. So, it all depends on what suits you and your aforementioned item the best. Do you find yourself being very active with the item or a bit accident prone? The accidental damage protection plans may be the way for you. If the item is going to be in one or two places and well protected, the standard or extended warranty may be the proper choice. Always remember to ask questions and make sure you read the fine print!

Sleep Cycle/SleepBot

Sleep CycleSleepBot    



Have you ever wondered how well you actually sleep? Or wish that when you woke you didn't feel so tired? Well, there is an app available in iTunes and the Google Play Store that can help with just that. iTunes offers an app called Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock that is available for $1.99 and in the Google Play Store there is a similar app called SleepBot- Sleep Cycle Alarm available for free.

There are quite a few similarities and very few differences between the two apps. Both apps were created to track your sleeping patterns and see how well you are sleeping. Another great feature is the alarm clocks on both apps. The apps find a pattern in your sleep cycle where you are in a light sleep and will gradually wake you up during that time to make you feel more rested and ready to get up. Both apps also feature detailed graphs of your sleeping patterns. The differences between the two come into play with the different features offered. SleepBot through the Google Play Store has an option to allow you to record your movements and sound during the night and get quick solutions to help you fall asleep or stay awake. Sleep Cycle through iTunes offers different alarm melodies, soothing sounds to help you fall asleep, a customizable wake up window, and sleep notes to record what type of day you had which could correlate with how well you are sleeping at night.

Both apps have a lot of great features that help you analyze your sleep patterns and cycles. So whether you are curious as to how you are sleeping or want a little help getting to sleep, either app has the reputation to do both!  


Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lslk.sleepbot&hl=en

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep-cycle-alarm-clock/id320606217

Tech Tip of the Week

Do you have any strange noises or audible disturbances emanating from your device? If you do, that device needs immediate attention to save your data properly and ensure data does not become lost forever. Such noises can be clicking, buzzing, “clunking”, “whirring”, beeping, etc. Failing hard drives can make many different distress sounds. The sooner we get these failing devices into the hands of capable individuals the greater the chances of successful data retrieval become. It’s sometimes our worst nightmare to think about losing all the data we have saved, but it happens quite often, and sharing this info with friends or family can help them hold onto their important data!

NOAA Hi-Def Radar



As the weather is changing, it comes along with the impending probability of snow. Keeping that in mind, this week’s App of the Week is NOAA Hi-Def Radar to help you track all the weather changes in the forecast. NOAA Hi-Def Radar is available through iTunes and the Google Play Store for $1.99.

NOAA Hi-Def Radar has a variety of different features and functions that will be helpful all throughout the year. Some of the features offered include: images with hurricane tracks and lightning strikes, severe weather warnings, storm track arrows with hail information, wildfires and fire fighting updates, drought severity and snowfall, on a fluid responsive map. NOAA Hi-Def Radar also allows you to bookmark unlimited locations on the map to view the radar and forecast each location. The NOAA Hi-Def Radar app that automatically augments land-based radar images with the latest images from NOAA satellites covering the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in one single screen.

Whether or not you are happy about the weather changes in store, this app is a helpful tool to always know and prepare for what weather is heading your way.  


Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weathersphere.noaa_hidef_radar  


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/noaa-hi-def-radar/id458225159?mt=8

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has arrived! Yesterday Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 update package for free through the Microsoft App Store. As a new user of Windows 8, and now 8.1, it is a welcomed update by many users who were seeking the beloved “Window” or “Start” button. It has returned and also includes updates and upgrades to the Windows 8 platform, and makes the interface even nicer and more user friendly. If you were undecided on Windows 8 before, the 8.1 update may put in place what you’ve been looking for to make the transition smoother. As always, we recommend checking software compatibility before upgrading and also make sure you have good backups in place in case some catastrophe happens. Between the chilly temperatures and forecasted rain, this weekend might be a good time to do some updating on your PC!




If you are still looking for the perfect electronic organizer to help keep track of life’s many activities and tasks, Springpad might be just what you are looking for. Springpad is available for free through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Springpad allows you to organize your life through notebooks. These notebooks are customizable according to what you have going on in your life. Make a notebook for recipes you want to make, a trip you want to plan, movies you want to watch, or books you want to read. Springpad will also offer personalized suggestions based on the additions you make to selected notebooks. Create a task list to help keep daily activities in check, as well as reminders for appointments, and a checklist to really breakdown what needs to be done.

There is a lot to explore and discover on Springpad, the only way to know if Springpad will work for you is to try it out! Download Springpad and see if you life becomes a little more organized!  



Cloud Storage

We’d like to take this week to mention the popularity of cloud storage. Cloud storage is great for saving pictures, documents, music, etc across multiple networks and servers so that we can access our information from any device that connects to the internet. Cloud storage is a great way to keep your data safe since the information is stored on “cloud servers” and can’t be damaged by a fire or lightning strike at your home or office. Apps that use cloud storage are sometimes built-in to your devices like iCloud on Apple devices, Google Drive on Android devices, and SkyDrive on Microsoft devices. Cloud storage can make for easy backup solutions on your mobile devices. We've stressed the importance of backups before, and cloud storage can be thought of as a live backup that syncs automatically so that you don’t have to manually move your data from one place to another on your device. It never hurts to have multiple backups of your most precious data!

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