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The Coupons App

The Coupons App  


Coupon clipping has become a thing of the past. With new technology and all the steps being taken for everyone to go green, it seems only natural that digital coupons are the way to stay tech savvy and go green at the same time. Now, all you need is a great app that presents you with digital coupons to your favorite stores, restaurants, and gas stations. Well, The Coupons App offers all of that and more!

The Coupons App comes with a coupon widget that offers real-time coupons throughout your day, gas pricing that locates the cheapest gas at stations near you, a barcode scanner to compare prices, and the ability to share coupons. You can share coupons with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. The Coupons App also comes with the feature to voice search coupons for hands free product searching and save coupons to your calendar. Once you find a coupon you want to use, The Coupons App will even help you locate the nearest store that your coupon is applicable at.

The Coupons App is a FREE app that helps you save money, while not costing you anything. This app is definitely worth a shot, nothing to lose, only money to save!

Jeff Kern



On Sunday July 28, 2013 Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary with Jeff Kern. Jeff was hired in 2008 as a Computer Technician with A + Certification. Jeff handles a variety of responsibilities at Facet. Jeff is currently the lead Computer Technician for the Pekin work bench where he handles tasks from building new computers, cleaning up infected computers, and computer diagnostics. Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call are happy to have Jeff Kern on their team and wish him many more successful years with us!

Philmont High Adventure Scout Camp

Brian and Nate


Brian Ford, President of Facet Technologies, Inc., and his son, Nate, just completed a 10 day wilderness trek at Philmont High Adventure Scout Camp in Cimarron, New Mexico. They were accompanied by 10 other members of Troop 200 on the trek that was approximately 70 miles. One of the highlights of the trip was climbing Mount Phillips - Elevation, 11,742 ft. Nate is a Life Scout working on his Eagle rank and Brian is an Assistant Scout Master for Troop 200 in Bartonville, Illinois.

Kids Day

  Kids Day  


Reserve a spot in your calendar for Nerds on Call on July 27th. Nerds on Call will be at the 7th Annual Kids Day hosted by the Crittenton Centers at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Kids Day activities include: a dunk tank, Space Walk bounce houses and slide, balloon art, performers at the Stage in Center Court, and of course, face painting and “Pick-a-Duck” hosted by Nerds on Call. All proceeds for Kids Day are to benefit the Crittenton Centers’ Crisis Nursery, which provides free emergency and respite care to infants and young children. So stop by the Shoppes at Grand Prairie on July 27th for a day of fun in the support of a great cause.

For more information on Kids Day and the Crittenton Centers:www.crittentoncenters.org

Heat Advisory

Heat advisory! Heat is one of the biggest proponents of hardware failure in the technology world (with dust as well). Always a good idea to routinely check that your fans are running on your devices (if they have a fan in them), and make sure that any dust is removed from the inside of the components where the heat builds. Also, I would not recommend taking a laptop outside in the heat while it’s a summer scorcher as the inside of the laptop can get to temperatures almost the boiling point of water. Also, having a machine near the pool or sprinkler or other water-related summer fun is a bad idea. Water damage incidents certainly rise in the warmer months! Recommend way to remove any dust or debris from the inside of a device would be canned air or a low-pressure air compressor (don’t want to remove circuitry from the inside with to much pressure). If you have a notebook computer, make sure there is air circulation underneath. Notebooks typically have some kind of “leg” or rubber mount that will allow air to travel under the chassis. A chill-mat or cooling pad for notebooks is a great device for keeping cool as well; especially for those of us who still like to put our notebooks on our laps! (even though it’s usually a no-no). Stay cool this weekend everyone!

Digital Receipts

  Digital Receipts

Are you looking for a better way to keep track of your receipts and spending? Digital Receipts offers a great way to keep track of your spending. It can even create expense reports for more manageable record keeping. Digital Receipts is available for free through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Digital Receipts will keep track of all of you paper receipts in two different ways. Either through “Touch-and-Go” technology by scanning the QR code at the checkout (at participating stores). Another way is by capturing the image while inside the app through their Receipt Scanner. Once the image is captured you can enter in all the details of the receipt with customized labeling. Digital Receipts give you the opportunity to customize labels to anything that could be helpful in tracking your spending. Giving receipts labels such as: “business”, “personal”, “gift”, etc. can help you better track where your money is going and how to adjust that spending if necessary. Once you have your receipts entered into Digital Receipts, you are given the option to create expense reports. You can filter these expense reports to include certain dates you want the report created for, and which labels you want included in the report. Once the report is completed, you can email the report to the recipients necessary. The report is created inside of an Excel document and shows all the details of each receipt in an organized manor. Some other great features included in Digital Receipts come with the previously mentioned “Touch-and-Go” technology. With this feature you can get instant extraction of store name, transaction time, and total amount when the QR code was scanned. You can also receive cash back or loyalty points as well as helping with a refund or exchange by showing the receipt image from Digital Receipts.

If you are the type of person who easily misplaces paper receipts or if you just want to keep track of your spending in the hopes of saving some money, give Digital Receipts a try.  



New Technology

With the summer days warming up, so are a lot of technology related companies’ new products! Over the next few months, we should be seeing a lot of new products released. New smartphones, new video gaming systems, and even new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple! Remember when choosing new electronics, always do your research and make sure that you get a chance to see it for yourself before you purchase – aka “Try It Before You Buy It!”. All of your favorite retailers and technology stores will have displays, also a great opportunity to see what new technology can do for you! In the mean time, stay cool on these hot summer days!

Xfinity TV Player

  Xfinity TV Player

If you are a Comcast subscriber then keep reading, because this app is for you. Xfinity TV Player lets you watch your favorite programs on your tablets, smart phones, and PC’s.

Xfinity TV Player gives you access to thousands of hours of TV shows and movies available to take with you on your devices anywhere you go. Xfinity TV Player gives you the ability to stream TV shows and movies to watch from: Showtime, Streampix, Starz, Encore, and MoviePlex. Streaming and downloading video is only accessible when you are connected to Wi-Fi and it is not available internationally. While using Xfinity TV Player app you are still given the security feature of setting up parental controls.

Xfinity TV Player does have a few requirements in order to take advantage of the app. Digital Video Service, plus a subscription to one or more eligible channels is required as well as a Comcast ID or Comcast.net email and password. Once all the requirements are met, take full advantage of Xfinity TV Player and all of its features.

Windows 8

  Windows 8: Love or Leave it? Almost a year has passed since the release of Windows 8, and most seem to enjoy the new features or dislike the new layout. While some older software may not quite be 100% compatible with Windows 8 yet, it does do well with software that is compatible, and is very smooth, and quite snappy with good hardware backing up the machine. Even with the 8.1 update coming soon, I do believe that Windows 8 was a step in the right direction for moving forward with better usability, more touch-screen integration and lightweight-app (mobile) readiness. However, many custom business applications that are proprietary are still playing catch-up to become compatible with Windows 8. Is Windows 8 for you? As long as you check that your software is compatible, and once getting past some of the new layout features, Windows 8 runs fast and is very stable to run daily to get all of those projects completed! If you get the opportunity to give Windows 8 a test run this weekend and you haven’t, give it a shot!

DirecTV Everywhere



Looking for an app where you can utilize the features you are paying your cable provider for? Well, if you are a DirecTV subscriber this is the app you are looking for. DirecTV Everywhere allows you to watch your favorite programs, without any additional charges for the service. You can watch it anywhere as long as you have your DirecTV online account.

Access your DirecTV account from your computer, tablet, or phone to stream live TV from anywhere in your house (some channels may be available to view outside of the home). Streaming live TV to your devices will not cause an interference with any TV’s that are viewing other programs. Watch the newest movies and best shows On Demand, anywhere you are, whether at home or traveling. DirecTV Everywhere also lets you take your DVR playlist anywhere you go, as long as you have a GenieGO connected to your HD DVR. Transfer your recorded shows to your computer or mobile devices and watch your favorite shows where ever you are, no internet connection is required.

If you are a DirecTV customer, be sure not to miss out on this app. I’m sure we have all been in a situation once or twice where there aren’t enough TV’s to go around for everyone. Don’t be the odd man out and take advantage of DirecTV Everywhere and watch what you want, where you want.

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