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Art from Above: Utilizing Drones for Fun and Profit

Radio controlled (RC) airplanes have been around for decades, but drones take RC to a level beyond anything most of us ever expected. Parrot and Syma drones from Nerds on Call are among the best in the industry — built to last through the tough use for years to come.


The Perfect Tech Toy!

The perfect drone will vary, depending on what you intend to do. Whether you're a newcomer or veteran pilot, planning on simple home video or complex professional photography, the Nerds on Call are ready to assist you in finding the perfect drone for your needs.


The Next Tech Business?

Battery-driven drones are more environmentally sound than gas-powered air vehicles. Small drones with high-definition cameras are doing just about everything helicopter cameras did a few years ago, and doing it cheaper, because they're smaller and less expensive. Going where people and service animals can't, they've become valuable partners for law enforcement, farming, media, maintenance inspections and hundreds of other business applications. Unfortunately, most companies and government agencies don't need a full-time drone.

Just kidding! We're thrilled they don't, because that opens up a huge opportunity for you. Like any business, you have start-up costs, advertising, a need to work to your clients' schedule and other challenges. If you're up to such a challenge, the unmanned aerial surveillance (UAS) industry will add an estimated $80-billion-plus in new business over the next decade. Nerds on Call would really love to help you cut yourself a slice of that pie!


Be advised

Whether you fly for fun or profit, if your drone weighs more than half a pound, you must register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you plan on using it for business, you also need a "remote pilot certification". Visit registermyuas.faa.gov for complete details.


So, Parrot or Syma?

Parrot drones are easy to operate via an included control box or your smartphone. Beginner machines are under $50, with pro-quality models well under $1,000. Boasting flight time up to 30 minutes and range up to 1.25 miles, Parrot offers almost too many options to decide among.

Syma drones are perfect high-tech toys for family fun. Ranging from about $30 to about $120, they do flips and stunts, take photos and fly long distances without radio interference problems. Even their smallest drone (you can launch it from the palm of your hand) can fly up to 60 minutes.


Don't forget, Nerds on Call isn't your average Peoria-Pekin-Normal-Bloomington tech toy shop. We also offer computer, phone and tablet repair plus home video/automation equipment or installation the whole family will love.


Nerds on Call responds to your computer repair and optimization needs in fast and timely manner. The management team of Nerds on Call directs our teams of computer repair specialists and remote technicians to quickly address your problem as efficiently as possible. Our computer repair specialists are fast to respond, helping to minimize downtime while keeping your PC or Apple computer running smoothly and efficiently.


Nerds on Call leverages the most advanced computer security hardware, software, and methodology to ensure that your data is completely secure from hacker threats and computer viruses. Our computer technicians use proven techniques to repair your computer right the first time. The extensive training of our technicians ensures that we consistently meet customer expectations. We handle specialized demands for all types companies, both small and enterprise-level.


Nerds on Call staffs highly trained and knowledgeable technicians that handle all types of computer repair, optimization, and virus removal needs. Our team of computer experts can efficiently troubleshoot and fix problems while helping you minimize future risks with the right protectionary measures. At Nerds on Call, we use proven technology, advanced procedures, and the latest products to keep your computer running at optimal performance.

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