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Website and Software Development with the Nerds On Call

With our sister company, Facet Web Tech, we can create custom software that does exactly what you need it to do, and nothing more.


Off-the-Shelf might mean a Less Expensive Answer, it Doesn't Always mean the Right Answer

Off-the-shelf software has to appeal to a wide variety of client/users in order to make a profit, so it comes with loads and loads of features and options. Seriously, most of us use the Microsoft Office Suite, because it's really good software, but ask yourself this question: Do you know one single person who needs to do everything the MS Suite does? Nope.

Get Exactly What You Need, Pay Only for what You Get

If you turn your software problem over to the Nerds, what will we do?
We develop a software application based on the specifications you provide — on your business requirements and goals. We'll code specific modules of software to manage your products or services and customers.

Our goal is a partnership: You know your business better than we (or anybody else) possibly can. We know software development like nobody in Central Illinois. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship, just like in the movies.


Is the Latest Really the Greatest?

Suppose you buy that off-the-shelf software and your business changes. Do you have to scrap your existing software and go buy a whole new suite to deal with your new products or services? Maybe.
With custom software, we wrote it, we can rewrite it! If it's possible — and we're really clever coders, it's almost always possible — we simply add a new module or revise some code or whatever it takes to upgrade our old software to meet your new needs.


Get Tech Support from Your Neighbors

Suppose you have a problem with that off-the-shelf software, will the manufacturer support it? Eventually, the answer will be no, because they want you to buy the upgrade they just wrote and spend loads of cash promoting. They might not even sell you the software! Many companies, especially the major players, now refuse to sell, you have to subscribe. Year after year, you pay up and get their latest and greatest version of the software that, as far as you were concerned, worked just fine the way it was.
Nerds on Call and Facet Web Tech are local companies. We understand the needs of small businesses like yours because we are small businesses just like yours. Contact us today, we've got you coded.

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Paula Krause

Excellent, friendly service always! I have referred all my friends there and they've all been as satisfied as I have been. Nerds on Call is the best place to go for your computer, technical needs!

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