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Why Choose Nerds on Call When Your Tablet or iPad is Damaged or Stops Working?

When you need phone/tablet repair, you need it fixed right and you need it fixed fast.

You need the Nerds on Call.


What Can We Do?

(Just so you know, the shorter answer is from "What can't we do?")

We can perform virtually any type of tablet repair: First, we complete a thorough, low-cost diagnosis to determine every issue your tablet has. You'll get complete, upfront repair and part costs — no surprises, except how quickly and how well your repair has gone. By the way, those parts will be high-quality, new equipment; never used or refurbished.


Tablet Eccentricities

Tablets are smaller than laptops, so manufacturers often use adhesive instead of screws. This can make tablet repair more involved than fixing laptops. Many don't have keyboards, they use touchscreens exclusively. Tablet manufacturers are bringing out new models almost every year. All this makes for added complexity in repairing them — there's just more to know all the time. We keep our techs up-to-date with training on the latest tablets and phones from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and just about every other manufacturer.


New Batteries

There are, literally, hundreds of battery types for tablets, phones and related devices. You can buy them online or in stores, but are you sure you're getting the right model? Are you getting a new or refurb? Is a dead battery the problem or just a symptom? Your tablet is too important to take chances, especially if you use it for business. Trust the professionals, we'll take care of you even better than you can.


Screens are our Specialty

It'll be a complete screen/digitizer replacement to ensure a lasting fix. We offer same-day repair on many phones and full, 30-day parts and labor warranty. Drop into our Bloomington, Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, locations or chat with us for prices and availability of screens and other components.


More than Hardware

Sometimes, your tablet doesn't just need hardware repairs, it needs software repairs. Viruses are all over the place and some can obliterate your memory — documents, photos, files of all types. We know computer viruses like the CDC knows human diseases. We can diagnose and treat all kinds of malware infections and install great anti-virus software to prevent (as well as anything can prevent) future "contagions".

Don't send your tablet, or any other electronics, to a who-knows-where repair center. Patronize a local, customer-friendly service provider, your neighbors at Nerds on Call. Whether it's a gaming console, smartphone, custom-designed business handheld or a general-use tablet, we have you covered.

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Leah Watkins

My husband and I have used Nerds on Call several times and we have always had amazing service. Highly recommended!

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