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Winter's Coming, People Get Desperate, Don’t Be the Easy Target

Even in the nicest neighborhoods, your home could become a target. Stop bad guys cold this winter with a home automation system that includes security. About 2.5 million families get hit each year, costing them an average of $1,700 — not including the undefinable costs of fear, insecurity, frightened children and other traumas. Depending on your locale and budget, here are a few home security items to consider installing:



Security cameras can be installed inside or outside, they can connect to flash drives or the Cloud to record images (up to 1080 HD quality) and some can send live feeds to your smartphone or tablet. New camera models integrate doorbells, so you can see who's at the door while safely behind it.


Door/Window Sensors

These classics are proven technology. With a sensor on the door/window and another on the frame, the alarm sounds when the circuit breaks. Add glass-break detectors, which respond to specific frequencies, and you have an inexpensive, reliable system that can sound audio or visual alarms, activate cameras or even call the police.


Motion Detectors

These detect movement, so perhaps not the best inside choice for homes with young, night-roving children or nocturnal pets. Even then, it's an option for garages, enclosed patios or other low-traffic areas. Like sensors, these can attach to alarm systems to alert resident or authorities.


Window Stickers/Yard Signs

Yeah, the absolute lowest of tech, but these deter uncounted burglaries every year — uncounted because the would-be thief sees them and moves on to softer targets. (By the way, if your budget is that tight, our ethics don't prevent us from telling a little white lie, why should yours?)


Non-criminal Security

In addition to the bad guys, Mother Nature can be a witch! Radon, a radioactive gas, enters homes through foundation cracks or holes — invisible, odorless and tasteless, radon poisoning symptoms may not appear for years. Fire detectors come in three types — heat sensors, smoke sensors or dual sensors; they keep your family safe and protect your property when no one is home. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas — colorless, odorless and emitted by everything that has a flame. All these dangers increase in winter as we close up our homes to keep the heat in.

You know the old ad proverb: Security systems — $XX. Your family's safety — Priceless. Let Call R Nerds and our sister companies create an integrated home security/home automation system just for you. Drop into our Normal, Pekin or Peoria locations and be safe!

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“As with most small businesses, our employees are dependent on our computer system to perform their work. Facet Computers has served as our system tech for the last 8 years. They have invested time to understand our automation system. When the occasional system breakdown occurs they are quick to respond to getting us back up and running. They are a true business partner. I would recommend their computer services to businesses, large and small.” - Afton Booth, President 

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