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Your Kids Will Bring Home Germs; Don't let them Bring Home a Virus!

What parent hasn't heard, "It's going around"? A cold or the flu or something always seems to be running through grade schools and high schools. There may be no cure for the common cold, but computer viruses are far more dangerous than a few days with a runny nose, it can be fatal to your computer.


Connectivity Breeds, Well, All Manner of Nastiness

Whenever you or your child logs on to the school network, you should know that some prankster may have been there before you. Is your desktop or portable computer running slow or freezing up? Are annoying pop-ups popping up or suspicious programs running on startup? Could be some hacker has been busy and the school's network security has allowed malware to breed and spread. Even if you have the latest and best anti-virus software, something new may sneak past.

Nerds on Call takes your security seriously as seriously as you do, and we keep up to date on the latest security measures. If you think you've been hit, we'll thoroughly check each of your computers and tablets for viruses, malware and spyware to ensure that your data is safe and that your computer is running at its full capacity.


Data Security/Recovery

What teacher hasn't heard "My dog ate my homework"? Today's malicious hackers don't care how long your child worked on that book report or term paper, they think wanton destruction is funny. Have a backup plan. An external hard drive can safeguard the whole family's data, photos, etc., and a small flash drive (they aren't all that small, some of them) can be the difference between a semester-ending celebration and a semester-ending disaster. Once we've cleaned up and existing problems, we can secure your computer against future attacks with recommendations for software to help ward off infections, including tools to manage your computer safety.


The Only Tech Shop You'll Need

Take a stroll around our website and see what virus protection and recovery services we have. Follow us on social media see the new threats and how to combat them. Stop into one of our four locations today and let us show you how we can meet all your back-to-school needs — not to mention all your other computer needs. Nerds on Call has served Peoria, Peru, Bloomington/Normal and Pekin for decades with in-shop, onsite and in-home repair services for portable computers and tablets. (Yes, unlike your doctor, we still make house calls!) Partner with us for every technological advantage available to your child — or to you, if you're taking the academic plunge yourself.

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Great people - great service - great communication. Can't go wrong.

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