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About FAQ Modules

FAQ Module Overview

The FAQ module allows you to easily build a list of questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does CMS stand for?

The acronym CMS stands for Content Management System.

Q2. What's the deal with all this wacky content?

Squalor, old no cheatin' commencin' crazy. Java pappy pudneer quarrel gospel townfolk hayseed, right boxcar kickin' afford sheep fightin' mobilehome. Poor creosote moonshine yeehaw tax-collectors round-up heffer, plug-nickel and mush him wild, poor, barrel. Him, gospel how go drinkin' where.

Content like this and other funny greek content can be found at Duck Island.

Q3. What does FAQ stand for?

The acronym FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

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Excalibur Seasoning Co., Ltd.

“Facet Technologies has served our growing needs for many years. Our unique business demands knowledge of our proprietary systems. Facet maintains a staff that we trust and their response time gives us a feeling of confidence that hasn ’t been there with previous providers. With Facet we get no false promises. A strong family business with the credentials to back them up, we rely on their integrity, honesty, and professionalism daily.”  - Tom Hornstein, President/COO Excalibur Seasoning Co., Ltd.

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