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Download Our Remote App Now!

Your trusted hometown techs are now available when you need them most with the Facet Remote App.

If you are having computer issues, but can still access the internet, you can grant us access to your computer and we can complete some repairs and diagnoses over the phone quickly and conveniently.

Once you have downloaded the calling card and icon (the app), you can connect with a remote technician. If no technicians are currently available on the app, call us at (309) 353-4727 for prompt service.


Download the Facet Remote App here!

Your download will start automatically. Once the installer is downloaded, you can click on the download box to start the installation process. If you have any issues, call us at (309) 353-4727.

A note for Mac OS and Windows XP users: the Facet Remote Calling Card does not presently support Mac OS. If a user attempts to download and run the installer it will give an error message and the process will not continue. Windows XP is also no longer supported. In some cases the Calling Card may install but users may not be able to connect to the remote service.

For Mac users, or if you have trouble downloading the standard remote app, please visit http://www.LogMeIn123.com  Typically, you will be directed here by a support technician who is assisting you — they will provide you with the 6 digit code needed to use this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the remote app work?

When you download the Facet app, you are downloading a calling card for a website, LogMeIn123.com. Nerds uses this service to connect to your computer.

Can you see my computer all the time?

No. When you end your session, your technician is logged out of your desktop completely. They can no longer see anything on your screen. Our technician can only see your screen once you put in the 6-digit code they tell you.

Can anyone else access my computer without my knowledge?

No. You have to enter a 6-digit code in order to grant anyone access to your desktop through LogMeIn123.

How do I know when my session has started or ended?

When your session starts, the LogMeIn chat window will tell you that you are chatting and online with a technician. At the end of your session, the chat window will tell you that your technician has disconnected.

I am having trouble installing or opening the app!

Feel free to call us at (309) 353-4727 for assistance.

Featured Review

Randy V.

I am a common small business person. Like everyone I have multiple computers and lap tops that interface with a number of email accounts and printers. I compare pricing points with the big box outlets when upgrading then I wind up going over to Facet because their price is the same or even better. I must have computer back up assistance equal to the big business in the area. It is not common to have the quality, timeliness, sales, and ability to rapidly trouble shoot and FIX any problem that I toss at those folks. 

Being a customer of Facet is like having a highly skilled, highly talented computer programming professional on my own staff! No benefit is equal to the satisfaction of having a Facet Technician solve a computer problem that is taking all production down. I know there are other computer services in the area, but I seriously doubt other services have the skill and competence and the availability to serve common small and larger business.

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