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Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Support from Nerds on Call

Trust the experts with your remote assistance needs.

Is your computer running slow or having various issues? Can you access the internet on it?

If so, remote support from Nerds on Call could get you back up and running fast.

Our technicians can assist you remotely with computer issues including virus and malware cleanup, printer issues, software configuration, email issues, and many others.

What sort of issues can be resolved remotely?

  • Virus and malware cleanup
  • Changing computer settings and display
  • Password changes
  • Email issues and settings changes
  • Some printing issues
  • Facebook and social media settings
  • Internet browser preferences

Have another problem you’d like to solve remotely? If you can access the internet, we can provide remote service. Call us now to find out if we can help you fix your computer issues remotely. Our remote process is safe and secure.

Why choose Nerds on Call for remote service?

  •  Nerds on Call is a local small business with four physical locations in central Illinois. Unlike online scammers and 1-800 remote services, any of the repairs we offer remotely can be done in-shop.
  • Our pricing is transparent with a flat time-based rate.
  • We are a certified and insured service provider.
  • Our technicians and employees provide quick, friendly service so you can be back up and running faster.

How can I know that a remote service provider is legitimate?

Nerds on Call will never contact you first to initiate a remote session. We will only call after you contact us to set up a session. If you are contacted by phone by someone who claims that your computer is infected, hang up immediately. Scammers call and pretend to be from legitimate companies who have found issues with your computer.

Legitimate service providers will never claim to know what issues your computer is having without looking. Scammers often create a sense of panic by telling you that your computer is infected with viruses or needs updating, allowing them to potentially damage your computer or commit identity theft.

Legitimate service providers will let you see everything they are doing on your computer. We will not do anything that you can’t see on your screen.

If you are contacted by a scammer or see a pop-up on the internet prompting you to call a 1-800 phone number, do not call or speak to them.

Don’t let 1-800 scams put you in a state of panic. They do not know that there is an issue with your computer. If you suspect something is wrong (it’s running extremely slow or suddenly freezing, or pop-ups are not going away after a restart) call us at (309) 689-3900. We can scan your computer for viruses and malicious software.

Help! I may have let a scammer into my computer.

If you think a scammer may have gained access into your computer, don’t panic. If you gave them your credit card information, contact your bank or the credit card company to cancel your card and stop payment. If the scam number tries to call you again, simply ignore the call.

Then, contact the tech experts at Nerds on Call by phone or chat. We can perform a scan at one of our locations, on-site, or even via remote access to check for any suspicious activity or programs on your computer and remove any harmful traces left behind and secure you as an added precaution against future attacks.

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