Virus and Malware Cleanup

Has your computer been showing constant pop-up ads or is it suddenly running slowly? Or perhaps you clicked on a link that took you to a website you didn’t recognize and now your computer isn’t working correctly?

The trained experts at Nerds On Call are here to help with virus cleanups for PCs and Macs. There are many ways that viruses can infect your computer, but regardless of the cause, we can perform a cleanup that will leave your device running as it should be.

Some Types of Virus and Malware Infections


Ransomware involves hackers encrypting your computer or your data and trying to force you to pay a ransom to retrieve it back. Most ransomware infections happen through email phishing scams. You may see a large pop-up on your computer that instructs you to send bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to get your data back. If this happens to you, bring your computer for a cleanup immediately and contact the authorities.

Illegitimate Browser Extensions

Some malware comes disguised in the form of browser extensions that insert pop-up ads and other “junk” into websites while you are using the internet normally. These extensions are sometimes installed when you accidentally click a link online that installs them. Some are even hidden and difficult to find and remove. If your antivirus software and other methods are not finding any issues, your problem may be due to a rogue extension on your browser.

Suspicious Downloads

Malware is often packaged with other downloadable content so you don’t notice it. Sometimes it is packaged with templates for Microsoft Office, video games, or fonts from unregulated websites. The software can be a variety of malware, but often includes keyloggers or software designed to steal saved web passwords or important documents with social security numbers or bank account information.

Is your computer acting “fishy?”

Our trained technicians can diagnose malware and virus issues and remove malicious software from PCs and Macs.