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Makey Makey Stomp-a-Mole

A Make with Facet Project

Makey Makey Stomp-a-Mole Tutorial

What you’ll need:



-Sponges (large car/auto or tile/grout sponges work best, but kitchen sponges also will do)

-Wires (electrical wires in multiple colors are the best option)

-Hot Glue or Duct Tape


Additional Supplies:

-Scissors or Knife (ask an adult for help using these!)

-Wire Cutters (also ask for help with these)

-Makey Makey

-Computer with Internet Connection (Laptop, Desktop, or Raspberry Pi all work!)


How to:

1. Cut 6 uniform circles about 8” in diameter from the cardboard. They don’t have to be exact, but try to make them fairly even. Ask an adult to help if you have trouble!


2. Cut 6 uniform circles from the tinfoil, making sure they are close in size to the cardboard pieces.


3. Glue or tape a tinfoil piece to one side of the cardboard. Repeat this until all cardboard and tinfoil pieces are attached.


4. Cut 3 wires of one color about 4’ in length, making sure that there is at least 1” of wire exposed on both ends (these are your ground wires). Cut 3 more wires, each of a different color if possible, to the same length (these are your trigger wires).


5. Attach each wire to the tinfoil side of one cardboard/tinfoil circle using glue or tape. As long as the wire is touching the tinfoil, a circuit can be completed. Put aside in pairs of one ground wire circle and one trigger wire circle.


6.  Cut your sponge into strips (around 1” tall and 6” long) and place on the tinfoil side of a ground wire circle. It should look something like this (again, there is no need to be exact):









7. Glue the sponge pieces in place.


8. Now, fold a strip of tinfoil into a small square and place it in the middle of the sponge pieces. It should be about half as tall as the sponges when placed in the middle. This helps make contact between the two parts of the pressure sensor when it is stepped on!


9. Secure a trigger wire cardboard/tinfoil piece to the top of your sponges like a sandwich using glue or tape. Repeat steps 6-9 for the remaining two buttons.


10. Twist all of your grounding wires together and attach them to the grounding clip of the Makey Makey. Secure each individual-colored wire to a corresponding clip for the left, right, and down arrow buttons on the Makey Makey.


11. Search on Google for “Makey Makey Whack a Mole” or go to scratch.mit.edu/projects/43681296/ to play Stomp-a-Mole with your new pressure sensor buttons!

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