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What Goes Into a Custom PC?

Ever dreamed of a custom PC, but you don’t really know what goes into one? You’re able to virtually change everything about it. Let’s go into some examples and customizable components you can switch-up in your custom PC.


Upgraded RAM and Capabilities

We have to start with the basics. Your RAM is going to dictate you ability to game, how quickly webpages are going to load (there are other factors, but RAM is a huge influencer), and in some cases, it can interfere with your ability to stream games and TV properly.So, it’s simple - just get more RAM, right?

Your PC has to be equipped to handle it. If your hardware can’t support, say, 32GB of RAM, then there’s no point in putting that much in - it’s not going to do anything. This is why a lot of folk run into issues installing more RAM in their factory-made PCs.


Advanced Graphics

All that extra RAM is only going to do so much good if you don’t have the graphics processor to back it up. Upgrade to the newest NVIDIA, or check out our other recommendations for graphic enhancements. Every year, new games come out with a higher tax on your CPU and hardware. Be up to the challenge, and game without limits.



You can load up all the files you want on removable memory, but you can’t stash all your installed games and play them at a moment’s notice. Custom PCs have a high appeal to gamers, allowing them to download an entire Steam library and countless bits and pieces of DLC. With great gaming potential comes great storage requirements.


Power Supply

Heading towards a better power supplier, known as a PSU, is going to help against surges and spikes, preventing your new and shiny custom PC from becoming mincemeat if there’s a lightning strike or irregularity in your home’s power. The more power you’re running, the better control you need.


Bells and Whistles

Want to go the extra mile? Add lights into the chassis, extra-awesome shapes and materials for the exterior, and accessories that beef up the appeal without messing with the function. If you’re ready to go all-in, there’s a world of aesthetically appealing options to tack-on at the end of your custom PC build.


Custom Built Computers Need The Nerds

If you’re trying to get your hands on a well-made, hand-crafted Custom PC in Normal, IL, you need The Nerds. Custom make everything about your PC so you absolutely love it, get the most out of it, and watch it outlast everything else you own.

Remember When IT Guys Were Helpful? We've Brought it Back

"I can't do what I do without my tech!"

If you haven't said it, you've thought it, and you were right. Technology is wonderful, it makes miracles, until it crashes. Computers, smart phones and other gadgets make your business possible and expand your home entertainment to infinity and beyond. When they stop working, you need computer repair and you need it right the first time — who do you call? Nerds On Call.

So, your tech is still under warranty? Great, just take it back to the store and they'll send it to a repair center far, far away and return it to you in two weeks — four, tops! Or, choose Nerds On Call, the local company with four Illinois shops staffed by fully certified technicians. Apple and PC repair, virus cleanup, lost file recovery, web connection problems, spyware removal — even if it's just an iPod battery that needs replacing — the Nerds have your herd covered.

"I have a lot more than just a computer."

Great, technology now goes far beyond laptops and phones and so do the Nerds. If you have drones, game consoles — just about any business or home automation, visit the Nerds. "On Call" means their experience is ready to go; these transformers will turn your problems into memories, and it won't cost you $6,000,000.

Speaking of business automation, do you have a plan? Smart business owners don't wait for disaster to test the strength of their network and hardware. Proactive design will take the crash-and-burn worries off your shoulders. Invite the Nerds to visit your office for a free two-hour assessment. They'll evaluate your tech infrastructure with a holistic look at your current systems and practices, so they can create a solution with the virtue of never having been tried before, because it was tailored (like a Saville Row suit) to your exact business needs and they’ll do it affordably.

"I'm just getting started, I don't know where to begin!"

Been there, done that. Nerds On Call is a locally-owned and operated business, part of the Facet family of companies. We started small, we grew, we've been where you are. You're on a budget and we're pretty good at saving you money. The training and skills updates necessary to keep up with changing tech isn't free, but we'll never use that as an excuse to overcharge you. Nerds On Call wants to be your long-term PC repair and all-around tech solution. So, trust your computer repair, your phones, games, home or business automation needs to Nerds on Call! It'll be the start of your own excellent adventure.

What Goes into the Cost of PC Repair?

Do you want it cheap or do you want it right?

Let's face it, technology has become so user-friendly, it's mind-boggling. Techno-nerds are a dime a dozen and "If you have a computer problem, call a 12-year-old" would be funny if it wasn't so true so often. But getting your DVD player to play is one thing, keeping your business or family connected to the world is a whole other animal.

The "Pros from Dover"

If you're going to crack open a chest, call Hawkeye and Trapper John. If you're going to dig into the network that keeps your business operating, dial up Nerds On Call, Illinois' computer hardware pros (https://callrnerds.com/contact-nerds-on-call) with four locations to serve you. Hardware and software get more and more user-friendly every year, but that means what you don't see gets more and more complex. Nerds On Call know what going on in the background. The Nerds are certified technicians, trained to handle Apple and all brands of PCs.

A Local Company is Almost like Family

When new software or hardware comes on the market, the Nerds get manufacturer training, not second-hand guesswork. When you get into trouble, call your neighborhood Nerds, not a foreign country. Nerds On Call is part of the Facet family, with one-stop shopping for every technology need you can imagine — and a bunch you probably haven't heard about, yet. Want to save money on your tech? Of course! So, partner with the family of companies that'll remember your name and get the job done faster because they helped you design and set up your system.

You are the Priority

Every smart business owner knows finding new customers costs more than keeping existing customers happy. Every smart consumer knows that businesses never pay for anything — the customers pay for it all. Do you want to pay for El Cheapo's latest ad campaign? No, you want your money going to a store that stocks the parts and pays the people who can solve your problem. Come in and let the Nerds certified tech experts show you what " Service is our number one priority" means. Or, not; call your Nerds On Call store and save with remote support — save time, save effort, save money.

Get it done!

One-stop-shopping means lower overhead. Whether you're looking for new & used computers, iPod or game console repairs, virus clean-up, parts & accessories, home automation, business IT and, for the young (or young at heart) loads and loads of tech toys, make Nerds On Call your first call. You won't need to make a second.

Phone Repair Shouldn't Cost More Than Your Phone Did

We all have a common enemy - the kiosk at the mall (you know the one) that charges you an arm and a leg for your phone repair. You can’t be expected to pay the same price that the thing cost you in the first place. Those little places charge outrageous amounts of money that most of us can’t afford, but your phone has important information on it, like photos and sensitive data, and you need it restored. You need top-notch tech support that isn’t going to drain your wallet


How Much Should Phone Repair Cost?


Every damage is different. Your phone repair is based on the physical damage of the phone. The most common issue is a cracked or broken screen, which we’ve all had at least once in the past. Did something get fried on the inside, or maybe you just dropped it and it stopped working all of a sudden? Whatever the case is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it repaired.


Tech Support In Peoria, IL Get Expensive Unless You Have the Right Team


Tech support is pricey, because it requires more knowledge than physical skill, so people usually end up charging a small fortune for their time and services. (Once again, we come back to those pesky mall kiosks. We’re pretty sure if you looked up “Highway Robbery” in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of a kiosk in there.)


You want your phone repaired, and your budget isn’t built on deep pockets. If you spent four, five, or even six-hundred dollars on your phone, chances are you’re not going to give up on it and just buy a new model, and you shouldn’t have to. Peoria, IL has a small selection of shops that repair your phone, giving everyone the option to pull up the whole “Supply and demand” thing. That’s not fair to you, the one with a broken phone who just wants it fixed.


Repair Your Phone, Not the Hole In Your Wallet

Don’t go digging into your college fund just yet. Phones are vital to our everyday; they give us updated information on social media, bank balances, and a bunch of other useful bits of info that we need in the everyday. You don’t have to go without your phone - those expensive shops and kiosks are not your only option. When your tech needs to be repaired, wouldn’t you trust the nerds?

Tech Toys You Wish You Got For Christmas

With Christmas 2017 all over with, there are returns galore everywhere you look. You might have even been returning some pieces yourself, and that’s where you run into a long line of other people who weren't happy with what they got. Bet you wish you got these awesome tech toys for Christmas Pekin, IL.


1. MiPosaur


Who didn’t want a robotic dinosaur when they were a kid? Whether it’s for your little one (or for you to terrorize people in the office with), MiPosaur is one of the most fun-to-use toys that we saw in 2017. You can swipe it, play fetch with it, and even use the app to check on its mood, feed it, or drive it around into your coworker’s cubicle and scare them (that’s what we would do).


2. Makey Makey


Ever wanted to turn a bag of onions into a drum set, or play classic arcade games by touching a piece of paper? Turn everything around you into a touchpad, connect it to Facebook, and use a handful of grape tomatoes to send an email to a colleague (seriously, you can do all of those things. We’re not that crazy).


3. Parrot and Syma Drones


Who doesn’t love drones? They were the hottest gift for Christmas two years in a row, and they’re constantly in the news for innovation. I mean, Amazon is using them to send packages in major cities now, so what’s next? These are being made sturdier, and some are even being used by professional photographers and cinematographers. The possibilities are endless.


4. Raspberry Pi


It makes up hungry, too, but this pi is used for teaching and learning programming on-the-go. If you’ve ever wanted to learn coding, this is how to do it in the most fun way imaginable. String up blocks of code to act as musical instruments, make digital birthday cards, and just about anything else you can do with coding.


5. Bluetooth Headphones


The future of enjoying your music is paved in blue! Nobody has ever pulled earbuds from their pocket, looked at the tangled mess of wires and thought, “Yes, exactly what I wanted them to do.” Bluetooth gives you wireless control over your volume and the ability to leave your device on the counter while you skate around the house in your socks.


But Wait, There’s More


That’s not all. Come and see the larger selection with even more tech toys (maybe you’ll get them for Christmas this year, you never know). PC parts and tech toys galore, you’ll find it all in store.

Oktoberfest - East Peoria Chamber of Commerce Premiere Business Expo

Stop by the Prairie Technology Alliance booth at the 2014 Oktoberfest - East Peoria Chamber of Commerce Premiere Business Expo on Thursday, October 2 between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Oktoberfest is held at the Par-A-Dice Hotel in East Peoria. Hope to see you there!


Facet Follies

Facet Follies2

Facet's very own comic strip developed by the staff at Facet along with our cartoonist, Mike Wright. We will be introducing new characters and making fun of our profession as the cartoon progresses. We hope you enjoy our attempt at humor!

Sign up for Facet’s monthly newsletter to be one of the first to see our new comic strips, “Facet Follies. Go to our website, www.facettech.com, and scroll to the bottom right to sign up!


TripIt Travel Organizer


Pretty soon summer will be wrapping up and fall will be rolling in. With that in mind, we thought we would bring you an app that would help simplify any last minute summer trips you have planned.

TripIt Travel Organizer is available for free through iTunes and the Google Play Store. TripIt organizes your trips by bringing all aspects into one central location. Whether it’s your hotel reservations, flight plans, car rental, or restaurant confirmations, TripIt tracks it all and creates an itinerary for you to follow. Email all your travel details to plans@tripit.com and they create an itinerary for you based on what you have provided. If there are any changes to that schedule, you can manually adjust your itinerary. TripIt provides directions, maps, and weather details for any destination you are heading to. Share these plans with anyone via email or through social media.

TripIt makes traveling more enjoyable and stress-free, as it should be.  


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tripit-travel-organizer-free/id311035142?mt=8

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tripit&hl=en



What’s one of the most daunting and expensive tasks that has to be done by every family each month? Grocery shopping. This week’s App of the Week will help speed up the process and offer big savings. Favado is an app that is available for free through the Google Play Store and iTunes. Favado helps you discover the best sale and coupon combinations from over 66,000 stores nationwide.

Favado lets you plan out your shopping list and compare prices to get the most savings possible by bringing you the most recent sale data and any coupons that may be available.

Favado can help the average family save around 70% from their shopping lists, those are substantial savings from a free app!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/favado-grocery-sales/id703787093?mt=8

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.savings.android.grocery&hl=en

Amazon Instant Video


This week we aren't presenting a new app, but definitely a worthwhile app. Amazon Instant Video is an app that allows Amazon Prime members to take full advantage of video streaming and downloading. Amazon Instant Video is free app available through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Amazon Prime is $8.25 per month. Amazon Instant Videos gives you access to 40,000 movies and TV episodes, available instantly with your Prime membership. Watch up to 200,000 videos that are available to rent or purchase through the app and download them for offline viewing. See a movie you want to watch, but don’t have time now? Add it to your “watchlist” and watch it later.  


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amazon-instant-video/id545519333?mt=8  


Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amazon.avod&hl=en

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