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We Keep Gamers Happy

Long hours of gaming — seriously, is there any other way? — takes its toll on your equipment, but Nerds on Call can make it like it was a toll-free highway. The Nerds are proud to offer tech support on a wide variety of computer accessories and tech products. Nerds on Call can also diagnose, treat and cure just about any cyber-diseases that infect your gaming consoles.

If, by chance, the game gets really frustrating and you start treating your game console like a duffer treats his golf clubs, we might even be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. (But, please, keep calm and game on! We can't promise all the pieces will work the way they did fresh out of the box if they've lost an argument with a wall.)

Computer Game Repair in Peoria, Illinois

First off, is your game on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone? Just kidding! We don't care, bring it in. We offer phone repair and computer repair by techs fully trained and experienced in multiple platforms. We use only the best parts available — we use aftermarket parts when they're both equal in quality to the original equipment manufacturer and more cost-effective.

While we always take the time to get it right, we understand the pangs of withdrawal and we'll get your game system back in your hands as quickly as possible.

The Nerds believe that no broken video gaming system should put a damper on your leisure time. We know it isn't just about fun, your games connect you with friends and family nearby and around the world.

We love computer games as much as you do, and that love is reflected in the quality of our computer game repair.

Call R Nerds for all Your Tech Needs

With three stores in Peoria, Pekin and Normal, open Monday through Saturday, the Nerds on Call team offers a full range of IT sales, support and services to residential and business customers of all sizes across Central Illinois. When you compare price points between us and the big box outlets, you'll wind up coming to over to a locally-owned, small business that understands you because we are you!

Contact Nerds on Call today, we'll get your toys fixed and put you back on the front lines of whatever game makes your day!

Smart Home Tech Support? Oh, Yeah, Your House Needs It, Too.

Smart homes, for those few not yet acquainted with the term, are wired up with the latest tech. From a smartphone or tablet, you can actually control your irrigation, lights, security system, heating and air conditioning; your home media and entertainment — about the only things a smart home can't control are your kids!

Nerds and Facet

Through our sister company, Facet Tech, we provide complete, turn-key home automation systems with one-touch control. Enjoy a more satisfying and engaging experience, both indoors and outdoors. The Nerds and Facet offer a full spectrum of home automation systems and entertainment technology. And, when you have problems with that system — our tech is very reliable but, sadly, no system is perfect —the Nerds on Call are standing by to fix whatever goes wrong.

Of course, if you don't have a home-automation system, you'll never need our services. Frankly, that's a tragedy — not that you won't be giving us your money, we're fine with that, but you should not deny yourself and your family the fun and ease and added security that comes with home automation.
When you have that fun going on, any failure can ruin a great evening with friends and family that you've been planning for weeks or months or more. When you sleep soundly, knowing you have the best home security available keeping your family safe, you don't want that sleep in interrupted.

Home-based Businesses

With the economy booming, more and more people are looking to add to their financial security (and their quality of life) by starting home businesses. If you're thinking about taking that great leap forward, Nerds on Call should definitely be your home automation partner. Like you, we're a small, local business, we understand what you're trying to do and the challenges you face. We have just about everything you need in hardware and software. And, we know what downtime does to businesses — it kills them! If your customers can't reach you, they can't spend their money and you can kiss that big investment (of time, effort, resources and emotion) good-bye! If you are running, or thinking about opening, a home-based business, your home automation is life and death for you. Let us help you stay in business and grow it to meet your dreams.

Visit Central Illinois' Home Automation Gurus

Whether you're looking to enhance the quality of your home audio system or the control over your home security system or upgrade your Internet connection, we can help you. Nerds on Call's home automation services deliver incredible convenience while offering a rich user experience. Contact your local store today, whether you live in or around Peoria, Pekin or Normal, let the Nerds take care of you.

Come on Down to Nerds on Call — We Have the Service You Need!

When you have computer problems, bring your desktop or laptop to one of our retail locations. We have the fix you need. Nerds on Call has convenient locations in Bloomington-Normal, LaSalle-Peru, Pekin and Peoria, Illinois, and each office has the tech support you need when you need it.


We are Established and Trustworthy

Facet Technology, our parent company, began life in 1989 — that's a full 30 years of providing the best in technology. Local service by certified technicians: Computer repair for Apple and all brands of PC; game console repairs; iPod repair plus new and used computer sales; parts and accessories; and much more.

Since our founding, we've kept the same values that have made our success possible. To start, we diagnose each device to make sure that it is cost effective to repair. If not, we'll suggest other options. We won't waste your time or your money. We've earned a reputation that you can't buy.


We have the Tools and the Talent

Today, Nerds on Call and the Facet Tech family provide support for thousands of business and residential customers all across Central Illinois. We keep up to date on the latest threats — viruses, ransomware, you name it — and, if you get hit, our data-recovery services are the best in the region — we often recover data from hard drives after others have given up.

Likewise, if you need help figuring out a program or setting up your computer, the Nerds on Call are here to share our knowledge of computers, phones, and other devices. We welcome questions, it's one of the things that sets our staff apart from the competition. We want you to understand your tech. We'll also explain how we're going to fix your devices so you know what to expect and our up-front fee schedule means you don't get unpleasant surprises when the bill comes due.


Let Nerds On Call Be Your Tech Partner

If you don't have a problem that needs immediate attention, we'll happily discuss future needs or, perhaps, we can introduce you to a drone (for fun or profit), some custom home audio or home automation or maybe a few fun tech toys for your birthday or holiday shopping list.

At Nerds on Call, our proficiency extends to a wide range of technology solutions from business IT and complex networking to home computer repair and phone screen replacements. Our techs and engineers can solve just about any technology problem you can come up with. Contact Nerds on Call today, you'll be glad you did.

In-Home Tech Support — We Make House Calls!

Like the medical doctors of generations past — but not so far past, some of us were there! — doctors came to you when you were under the weather. Today, our computers get viruses and other ailments and, if you can't come to Nerds on Call, the Nerds can come to you. You have jobs, family responsibilities, community responsibilities, all sorts of reasons why you can't get to one of our (usually very) convenient locations in Bloomington-Normal, LaSalle-Peru, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, for tech support. So, we can arrange to visit your home when it's more convenient for you.


Experienced and Quality-Driven

We're part of the Facet family of companies, successors to 30-plus years of pride in the work we do. We always give it our best and fix every issue brought to us if that's possible. We only source compatible parts, not cheap aftermarket junk that will work just long enough and need replacement again, leaving you with another costly bill. We diagnose each phone, computer, tablet or another device individually, to make sure that a repair is cost-effective, or we'll suggest alternatives if it isn't.


We Have Hard-to-Find Industry Knowledge

Your devices are in capable hands and our track record of success is the proof — our techs receive the best training available so we can provide better service than anybody else. Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to attack your computers — sometimes to steal your private information, sometimes they're just jerks just out for thrills because they think they can get away with it. We stay fully-certified and fully-prepared to deal with the most recent threats to your devices. For computer repair and virus removal, there is no one more up-to-date that the Nerds. (Of course, if we do get a line on the attacker, we'll happily notify the authorities, so those crooks and creeps can't hurt you again.)


Your Home Tech Partner

Across central Illinois, we take your tech seriously. There are plenty of computer shops, you can call our competitors at any time. Why would you want to if you're confident that you'll always get the best tech support and computer repair from us? (And, by the way, do they make house calls?) Contact Nerds on Call today, if you need to purchase a desktop, laptop, drone, custom home audio or automation or some fun tech toys and, of course, when any of them need repairs. We're ready to serve you in-store or at home.

Home Audio for the Summer Season from the Nerds

We've lived through another winter; spring is reawakening all our outdoor desires and the next season on the calendar is barbecue! Yes, they are back — the thrilling days of calling all the friends and relatives over for massive amounts of great food, great conversation, and great memories, just like in the movies.

And, just like in the movies, your late-evening soirées need a soundtrack! So, stop wasting daylight and get over to Nerds on Call for a new home audio system. With a little help from our sister company, Facet Tech, we can outfit you with a whole-home sound system that fits your needs without blasting the neighbors into the stratosphere.

One-Touch Home Automation

Let's face it, parties are complex. You want everyone to be happy, everybody wants their own thing, and you — as the perfect host — have dedicated yourself to getting those things right. Well, Nerds on Call can make one of those complexities simple with wireless speakers suitable for every room, a control app that works from your tablet or smartphone plus lighting and climate control in case you need to head indoors.

Imagine one little box that controls everything in your home. Magic, right? Yes, the Nerds on Call kind of magic. We'll show you how to listen to your favorite music anywhere in the house or watch the big games backed by the sweetest speakers on the planet, while you chow down on the perfect ballpark-grade hot dog. You can even see who's at your front doorstep without leaving the party (and missing that once-in-a-lifetime play!) — all from the comfort of your patio chair.

You might just end up the most popular house on the block, but, not to worry, we can also integrate your home security system — no party crashers will get past us to interrupt your evening festivities. Trust Facet and the Nerds for all your home automation and entertainment tech needs.

Experts Make It Look Easy

Because, when you've been providing quality service for 30 years, it is easy. Nerds on Call has a well-deserved reputation for trustworthiness and honesty. From our first little location, we've expanded to include the LaSalle-Peru, Pekin, Bloomington-Normal and Peoria, Illinois, areas. We guarantee a great customer experience with fast response times, industry-leading products and technicians who really know their stuff. Contact us today, we'll get on it in plenty of time for your first big outdoor celebration and we'll be there for every celebration to come.

Home Business Tech Support from the Nerds on Call

Going to run a business from home? You should have a new computer set-up. We're not just trying to sell you more hardware (but, while you're here, please check out our great technology). There are solid financial, legal and security reasons for owning separate family and business computers.

Getting Started

Once you know what you need — and what you want — pick your hardware. Cost is an important issue with no single rule, other than, "It costs what it costs, don't be stingy". If you run a small retail website, you probably need a simple, basic system. If you're a video game designer, you need a big, fast system with lots of memory. If you can afford all the bells and whistles, get them. If you can't, get what you're sure you need and plan to get the rest as your business grows.

What Do You Need?

Every business needs a few basics, including a computer and a multi-task printer. The computer can be a laptop or a desktop; definitely, the former, if you need to take it with you. Almost all printers today include scanner and fax machine, but do you need laser-quality or can you get by with ink-jet? How many pages per month will you print? How much do cartridges cost? What other features do you need? Asking the right questions gets you the right printer.

Then, there's the other stuff:

Office management — word processing, accounting, email, etc.

Cybersecurity — you're never too small to be a victim, in fact, you may be more likely because you can't install the massive firewalls that major corporations use.

Storage/Archive — off-site back-up for your data — losing your data usually means losing your business.

Tech Support — from your friends the Nerds on Call, of course, and don't forget, we make house calls!

Which software is best? That's an entirely individual choice, but there are experts who review software online and are very free with their opinions. Some programs are sold individually, others are available in money-saving software suites. Big name brands spent billions on advertising, but good deals for programs by small companies can be found, and some of them are (according to their users) just as good as the name brands.

Partner with the Experts

Nerds on Call is part of the Facet Family of Companies, providing home business IT support, system sales, computer, and iPod repair, IT consulting services, home automation and more for all of central Illinois. Drop by our convenient retail locations in Normal, Pekin, Peru and Peoria, Illinois, or contact us.

Consumer & Commercial Drones are a Rapidly Growing Business

Need extra income? Get a drone and put your tech toy to work for you.


First: Get a License to Fly

It's been three years since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) set regulations for a commercial Remote Pilot Certificate (drone) license. The test has 60 questions (42 right answers for the win) and can be taken by anyone after their 16th birthday. It's considered only slightly more difficult than an automobile driver license, covering common sense rules, performance characteristics, map reading, and other basics. Many people all over the USA are now profiting in this businesses concept.


Second: Make a Plan

Successful businesses don't just happen, of course, and this fledgling industry has probably seen as many failures as any other in history, maybe more. Nerds on Call deals with many types of drones, we can help you choose the right model for your intended enterprise. Do your due diligence and get your paperwork in order. Remember, in addition to your remote pilot certificate, your drone must be registered, you'll probably need a business license from your city or county, a tax ID number, business insurance and, of course, customers.


Third: Get a Drone

Which model is best for you? That depends on the services you intend to provide. Drones currently do cinematography, deliveries, environmental monitoring, firefighting, imaging structures, insurance reports, inventorying material, lighting concerts, meteorology, police surveillance, precision agriculture, recording community or family events, search-n-rescue operations, surveying and more.

Larger drones have longer flight time, carry heftier loads and are more stable platforms but cost more to purchase and operate. Smaller drones can go where no drone has gone before and are more affordable as start-up business gear. Many drones are designed for adaptability, meaning you can add mission-specific sensors or other equipment and switch it out for the next job.


Fourth: Be Professional

There have been problems with drones flying where they don't belong, like around airports. Piloting is considered a profession, so be professional in your conduct. Don't fly where you shouldn't, don't shoot photos or video without permission and don't take your drone to some fly-by-night repair shop. (We're nerds, you didn't see that pun coming?) Nerds on Call should be your first and only choice when it comes to tech toys repairs. When problems arise, drop by our Pekin, Peoria or Normal locations or call us. Flying time is profitable time, and we want your business to profit.

New Smartphones — Bigger? Yes! Better? Maybe.

Tech companies will once again be debuting their new phones in 2019. As the line between phone and computer continues to be blurred, many will tell you it's time to "upgrade." Will you get your money's worth? Well, when visiting Nerds on Call, you always get your money's worth. Maybe, someday, cell phone manufacturers will follow our good example.

5G – Big News or Big Nothing?

The fifth generation of cellular service has been in test markets in several US states, but most areas won't see 5G service for a few years yet. When it arrives, 5G should bring increased data speed, response, and connectivity, however (there's always a "however"), many phones or apps (especially the older versions) may not be compatible. As with preceding generations, it will probably be great when it gets here and when your new phone hooks in.

A Few Predictions and Pitches

Samsung's Galaxy Fold fulfills the company's promise of a foldable smartphone. With a 4.6-inch display on the outside and a 7.3-inch panel on the inside, you have good options. At nearly $2,000, you have a very hefty price tag. Fortunately, smaller, more economically friendly versions will also be available. Hope the battery's pretty big, as that big screen will suck a lot of power.

Of course, there will be new iPhones from Apple. Since they won't premier until fall, all we have are rumors so far. Looks like they may have three Sony-built cameras plus a new processor and price tag that will probably leave many enthusiasts unenthusiastic.

LG steps up with a lot of new tech inside a carryover exterior. The G8 ThinQ's new 3D depth sensor makes the camera lens into a facial-recognition system, which they say can unlock your phone by recognizing the vein pattern in your wrist. That's equal parts fascinating and creepy, but it will allow hand gestures to control the phone without actually touching it. Will this new tech bring converts away from other manufacturers? We'll see in the summer or fall when the phone premiers.

If you can't wait or can't afford the high-end, go Moto! Motorola's Moto G7 arrives with spring, and its budget-conscious sub-$300 MSRP could make lots of people happy. With a 6.2-inch screen, a crack-resistant gorilla-glass screen, more memory, and speed than previous models and a battery that might run three days per charge, this could make a lot of people happy.

What Makes You Happy?

May we suggest "phones that work". Regardless of the phone make or model, the laptop, tablet or game console you choose, when you need phone/tablet repair, Nerds on Call is the place. New or old, just bring your electronics to our Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, locations and we'll get your connection to the world up and running double quick!

New In-home Automation - Master the Smart Home

In the early days of cell phones, the idea that your handheld would someday control your home's heat and air conditioning, security system and could even answer your door while you're two states away was the stuff of Star Trek. Today, we all wonder what new trick we'll be sticking up our sleeve this week.

The key to 2019 home automation is integration — from clocks through doorbells, kitchen appliances, lights, speakers, security cameras, water heaters to windows blinds and maybe more.

What components meet your specific needs? That's a personal question, so call your personal home automation experts, Nerds on Call.


Hub-ba, Hub-ba

Generally, you'll start with a home automation hub. Just like a computer server coordinates many workstations, hubs blend devices from different manufacturers, so they all play nice together. Hubs connect wirelessly to other devices (via the Internet or local Bluetooth) and can be controlled using a single smart phone or tablet app.


Smile, You're on Homeowner's Camera!

Home security is a vital part of many home automation systems. Cameras can be placed at doors and corners to record any activity around your property. Sensors can attach to the windows to detect intruders and, via Wi-Fi, to your hub to avoid all those ugly wires. Smart locks now let you monitor when each door is locked or open and, coupled with a camera, can allow you to interact with visitors even when you're not at home.


Be More Comfortable, Save More Money

The thermometer, for many in the Hoosier State, drops to the teens in winter and passes 80 in summer. Electronic thermostats have far more sophisticated temperature sensors than the old bi-metal strips, keeping temperature variations to a minimum — saving on heating and cooling bills. They can also be programmed to lower overall temperatures when no one's home and can start the warming or cooling cycle while you're driving, so you enter your home "just the way I like it".


Make Your Home a Smarter Home

Through our sister company, Facet Tech, you can upgrade your home with all the latest and greatest among the many home automation options. Facet has been in business since 1989. Beginning in the computer industry, the Facet/Nerds on Call family has grown to include thousands of satisfied customers by continuously expanding the technology available to you. Now, the company is proud to bring you some of the best technology in home automation and entertainment.

If you're in Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, Nerds on Call is always the first place you should think to go for your electronic tech needs.

Data Breaches — The Cybersecurity Issue of 2019

Human error, low-grade security, and increasing criminal sophistication make exposed data ever more likely. They have many goals, among them:

Phishing — requesting private data through means that look legitimate, such as fraudulent email requests from your doctor or favorite retail store.

Ransomware — holding your data and website (or, perhaps, your cryptocurrency account) hostage.

ID theft — to sell to people who would destroy your financial health without ever losing a moment's sleep.

A new member of the list is IoT, short for the Internet of Things. The IoT is becoming universal, as we connect more home/office devices via the Internet or Wi-Fi. It's doubtful that anyone's going to care about reading your smart thermostat but bet heavily on hackers trying to steal private information via your laptops, phones & tablets, your medical devices, smart watches, even your own home security system.

Awareness is the core of your personal and business cybersecurity, and Nerd on Call's sister company, Facet Tech, should be your first call when you need a computer security consultant.


The Upside

Connectivity means more data for consumers and companies. You can see more deeply into vital aspects of your life, like medical care and exercise, and companies can streamline businesses processes to provide you better service.

More important, with each hardware advance, thousands of very smart people are constantly looking at what could go wrong and prevent it. Every breach teaches us our weaknesses and how to grow stronger.


Take Control of Your Cyberworld

"Eternal vigilance," the proverb says, "is the price of freedom." The same can be said of cybersecurity. Many employees connect to public Wi-Fi when traveling on business and family members do the same on vacations and, sometimes, at home. Virtual Private Networks (VPIs) are one defense against data breaches, which are far easier in a shared Web connection like Wi-Fi. Likewise, at home or the workspace, keep your security software up to date and heed their warning about suspicious websites.

Speaking of suspicious websites, you've noticed that browsers and search engines record sites you visit and your searches and tailor ads to whatever their algorithms think you want to see. Ever suspect that some of the sites buying ads might be fraudulent? It's a growing trend; post a fake ad and see who clicks through; then grab their data.


It can Happen to You

If it does, Nerds on Call provides top-of-the-line virus removal services at our Normal, Pekin or Peoria, Illinois, locations. Bring in your device and we'll clear the infection. If that's not possible, in-home repair services are. That's right, Dr. Nerd makes house calls.

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